17 Best foods for weight loss that you can add in your diet


Weight loss has always been a major concern for many of us and it’s a complex issue that requires a good knowledge of the foods that can be of good help in achieving this goal. Various studies have always been in the process regarding foods that can help reduce body fat and maintain a good weight. Here are some foods that may help you in this regard.



Barley is a cereal grain that is high in dietary fiber and according to studies, it keeps the stomach filled for a longer time and hence reduces the risk of being getting overweight.


Lemon is a high source of vitamin C and the nutrients found in it are proven to suppress weight gain and reducing fat to get accumulated in the body. So, adding lemon in any way in your diet may be of great help in reducing weight.

Green tea

The catechins and caffeine found in green tea are very helpful in speeding up your metabolism to work more efficiently. Moreover, it is the best food for your heart as it reduces the risk of a heart attack.


Legumes being rich in protein and fiber, again make the stomach filled for longer hours and studies suggest that people aiming weight loss, who included legumes in their diets experienced a significant weight loss as compared to those who did not. People on diet also consume a bowl of legumes soup for weight loss.


Since the past few decades, studies have been in process on the various properties of turmeric including its anti-inflammatory properties. As obesity and inflammation are strongly linked so adding turmeric to your diet may reduce any inflammation in the body causing obesity.


Fruits are very helpful in reducing weight too. Adding a bowl of fruits as one of the meals in a day is a good idea. Being rich in fiber and various nutrients they help you reduce body fat and may fight various factors leading to obesity.

Coconut Oil

A study proved that taking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a day reduced the belly fat significantly. Not only that, proven health benefits of coconut oil include boosting heart health, reducing hunger, and burning body fat.


People with frequent food cravings may switch to popcorn as compared to potato chips or any other junk food. Popcorns contain antioxidants that not only improve blood circulation and digestive health but also reduce the risks of certain cancers.


Cinnamon tea has been used for various reasons such as easing the cough or congestion or simply adding some flavor, but most people don’t know that it helps in reducing fat too. Its nutrients help lower blood pressure and cholesterol and the essential oil found in it burns the fat cells effectively.


Water being a totally calorie-free drink helps in weight reduction in several ways. It helps the metabolism work more efficiently, helps the organs work better, and reduces appetite when taken before meals. A study suggested that people who took around 16 ounces of water before meals had a significant decrease in weight.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are considered to have bad fats and hence aid in weight gain but it’s not true. Despite their numerous health benefits, some dry fruits can help in weight loss such as almonds, peanuts, pistachios, dates, raisins, and walnuts. According to studies adding these dry fruits to your regular diet will help you maintain your waistline in the long run and boost up your metabolism.


Although all citrus fruits help in losing weight by burning your body fat faster among them grapefruit is considered to be the best. Being rich in fiber content induces the feeling of being filled for longer and the fiber helps in delayed digestion hence decreasing the appetite.

Dark chocolate

The good news for chocolate lovers, yes you can lose weight by eating dark chocolate. It may help you deal with your food cravings and hence decreasing your appetite. Moreover, it helps to reduce the levels of ghrelin, a hormone responsible for stimulating hunger.


The water content in watermelon is around 90 percent, so it’s one of the best fruits when it comes to weight loss. It is rich in the amino acid called arginine which helps to burn the fat quickly.


Eggs are one of the best foods containing all the essential nutrients in a balanced ratio. They are widely available and can be prepared within minutes. People who take eggs in breakfast experience a longer filled time as compared to other breakfasts.

Olive oil

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which help in maintaining good heart health, blood sugar, and good body weight.


According to researches, adding berries to your breakfast can also play a vital role in weight loss. They help in maintaining cholesterol levels and reducing abdominal fat.