5 Items for Sale at Costco this week you would love to get!


No one goes to Costco and returns just with items they needed to get. Due to the retailer’s vast variety of products, from grocery items to clothing items to gadgets, that too almost always at a discounted price, it’s hard to stop yourself from some extra shopping!


So, if you were planning to take a quick trip to your nearest Costco store this week or even shopping online, we found some products you want to have a look at!

Here are the 5 Items for Sale at Costco this week we think you would love:

Air Pods for $100.

Thanks to macworld.com, we found out about this amazing deal no one would want to miss! Even the non-Costco members. Yes, you heard that right! You don’t need a membership to purchase these air pods with a charging case for 40 off, you just need a free account to check out! The limit is 2 pair per member so you can also get an extra pair and gift it to a friend or relative for the holidays! You can purchase them at your local Costco warehouse or online.

Pendleton Throw Blankets

Spotted by Instagrammer @Costco_doesitagain, these cozy blankets come in various sizes, colors, and patterns and would make the perfect addition to your throw blankets collection and an amazing gift for the holidays! The queen-sized throw blanket costs $25 and a king-sized throw blanket would cost you $30! We think this might be the best deal at the retailer’s this week as normal, it’s hard to find a throw blanket for less than $150! Thanks to the Instagrammer and its followers, we know the blankets are available at Costco’s stores in Oregon, Michigan, and Washington!

Jane and Bleecker Chunky Slipper Socks

Do you buy more socks than needed as soon as winter arrives? We do! These 2 pairs of cozy socks are just perfect for cold winter days to keep your feet warm! They’re on sale until November 22nd for $11 only! Spotted by @costcobuys on Instagram!

Shop Chooka Ladies’ Mid-Height Lined Boots

Waters may be harsh and tough but shopping for cozy sweaters and stylish, warm boots is definitely not! We’re in love with these Shop Chooka’s Ladies’ Boots that are also waterproof and extremely cozy on the inside due to its faux fur lining which will keep you warm! They’re available in-store and online! At your local warehouse club, you can find for $24! However, Costco’s official website is selling them for $26! (Thanks to @costco buys on Instagram for spotting this one!

Soft Pillows

These fuzzy, soft pillows at Costco are definitely our favorite. You can find them just for $13 at your nearest Costco warehouse. They’re also available online but for over $20. We absolutely can’t stop buying these! Spotted by @Costcohotfinds on Instagram!