7 Food Items for Sale on Costco Right now we can’t wait to get our Hands-on


Costco is everyone’s go-to store, whether you want to purchase your day to day grocery, household items, or even delicious food items to snack on!


You can always count on Costco to have a huge variety of…well, pretty much everything! Did you also know there are various Instagram fan accounts for one of America’s biggest retailers? Yes, that’s absolutely true! These fan accounts on Instagram for Costco post selected items they find on their Costco trips that are worth having! Here are our favorite FOOD items being sold at Costco right now!

Apple Fritters

This pack of Apple Flitters (posted by @costcobuys on Instagram) will make you take a trip to your nearest Costco store just by looking at it! All of us crave a deep-fried donut with cinnamon and apple sometimes (we knew we do) this is a must-have snack! A pack of 8 donuts is available at Costco just for $6.49!

Kevin’s Korean BBQ Style Chicken

No one doesn’t love Korean Food. This BBQ Style Korean Chicken is extremely easy to prepare and equally delicious! Have it with rice or noodles, either way, it makes a perfect meal! It is available at Costco for $11,99!

Taco Kit

This classic chicken street taco (tried and tested) is the best you’ll find. Perfect for whenever you want to have a light and tasty snack. Comes with a flavorful cilantro lime sauce. Available for $5.49!

Pumpkin Spice Loaf by Kirkland

Pumpkin spice and everything nice! This Pumpkin Spice Loaf by Kirkland (a brand we all trust when it comes to food items) contains cream cheese icing and white chocolate. A combination we’d die for!

The Dee Amore Potato Skins

These Dee Amore Potato skins will come in handy whenever you don’t want to bother yourself with a lot of cooking. All you need to do is keep them frozen! (They do need to be cooked fully) but we can vouch for the fact that they will not take much of your time! They contain cheddar cheese and precooked bacon! Available for $9.79!

Sukhi’s Samosa Trio

Sometimes your taste buds just need some Indian food. We absolutely adore this pack of crispy Samosas, a perfect appetizer, it comes with 3 different flavors with a Chutney for each! This is our favorite food item available on Costco right now! Just for $13.99.

Keto-Friendly White Bread

If you’re on a Keto diet, one food item that you long for is definitely bread but you don’t need to worry anymore. Costco is now selling a Keto-diet friendly white bread! So you can go ahead and make yourself that sandwich you’ve been missing!

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