7 Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles


Every day approximately 50 million plastic bottles are thrown out. These plastic bottles are harmful to our environment as well as for our health because these bottles are non-biodegradable. We can save our environment by using these 10 creative recycling ways which will help to save our environment.


For snack storage

The simplest way to recycle any plastic bottle is to use it as a snack container. You simply have to store a thing in any type of plastic container. Everyone can easily repeat this process and play a role in saving our environment.

Plastic bottles planter

You can use bottles as a planter. It will give you fresh oxygen and a sense of pleasure and relaxing and helps to reduce the environmental pollution. First, you have to fill the bottles with soil or water (work for some seeds only) then add seeds in the bottle. Secondly, you have to water it regularly. By following these two steps we can use plastic bottles as a planter

Watering can

Another amazing thing we can do with plastic bottles is to use them as a watering can. Simply punch some holes in the bottle cap. Fill the bottles with water and use them as a watering can. This DIY will help you save your money.


It is a fun activity for children. All children wished to have their own piggy bank. It can be made by using plastic bottles. Paint the bottles with colorful characters. Punch a hole at the side of the bottles. And your piggy bank is ready to use.

Charging dock

A plastic lotion bottle can be used as a charging dock. Cut the bottle in half. Punch a hole to hang it with a nail. Paint the bottle with amazing colors. Hang it on the wall. And your charging dock is ready. This DIY will help you by saving your money as well as your environment.


The most useful thing which you can make with these bottles are lamps. Simply punch a hole at the top and bottom of the bottle (to pass the wire). Add a small light bulb in the bottle. It will work as a lamp because it helps to spreads the light.


The unusable plastic bottles are used for trash cans or dustbins. You can put them in the public areas like streets and parks so people will throw all kind of trash in it

Kroger and plastic bottles

Kroger is always focusing on recycling. When the plastic bags and packaging have been placed in our basket, where is it going? Kroger Stores receives from you this single-use plastic packaging and mixes it with another plastic packaging that is used in the supermarket. In the last three years, more than 180 million pounds of plastics have been used in the Zero Hunger Zero Waste Initiative. It is a lot of covers! It’s a lot of covers! It is real that heroes normally don’t realize that they are heroes. But it also is correct that, by behaving small and frivolous, you will provide a precedent to others and change the universe. You lead to an atmosphere of fewer plastics and less pollution by recycling your plastic bags and packaging. You’re Zero Hero, and Kroger claims that you’re meant to wear a cape! Hence Kroger promotes recycling and is always finding ways to make you recycle.

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