£94k fines in South Yorkshire on this Halloween


Halloween is expected to be crazy, scary, and surprising. Well, it just turned out to be surprising for the people holding gatherings in South Yorkshire. According to the BBC, the police have issued fines worth £94,000 for illegal meetings.


It is because any large gatherings are strictly prohibited as per the lockdown rules. However, people still had plans for the weekend.

On Saturday in Sheffield alone, there were nine fines worth £10,000 were handed to the people hosting parties. The way people saw these rave parties were entirely different, but police said that they were “extremely irresponsible”.

BBC continues with more stories on it. Police said that the maximum fines were handed to the three main parties happening in Sheffield, at Endcliffe Crescent, Club Garden Road, and Stalker Lees Road.

They also said that there was a party of more than 70 people and a woman in a fancy dress was caught saying that she should be at home Self-isolating.

It clearly shows that people do understand the complexity of the situation, but maybe they are tired of the lockdown.

Supt Paul said considering the situation: “We fully appreciate how difficult the last few months have been, and this current situation is incredibly frustrating for everyone.”

Moving forward, police handed over the 20 fines of £200 at a party in Ingbirchworth. Also, in Kelham, police arrested a boy who was only 17-year old and accused of obstructing the police.

The police are further searching for the organizer. However, they also say that they are hopeful about people as they might take this warning seriously after the fines. Still, they will take action wherever necessary.

Ultimately the police have only one goal, and they want people to avoid gatherings under any circumstances.