A former Amazon employee is suing a company for allegedly not having Hispanic workers obtaining PPE


Seems like Amazon is in trouble again. Previously, their employed filed a case against them for not up to the mark covid-19 protocol. Now, another former employee pressed charges against them. Former Amazon employee Christian Smalls has marched a discernment lawsuit in the Eastern District of New York, alleging that the company failed to provide personal protective equipment to its “mostly minority” workforce and subjected a group of African Americans and Hispanic workers to inferior employment.


Furthermore, the former worker also highlighted that Amazon has always hired and gives high position to white and hire white managers often. Previously, smalls began functioning at the Amazon JFK8 State Island facility in 2015 and were promoted to a mid-level management position the following year, according to the case report. 

Besides, the complaint states that Smalls brought a group of non-white workers to meet with management about working conditions after one of his colleagues tested positive for the Coronavirus, but the management allegedly “pushed back the workers … and did not show concern for the group member, health/welfare”. He noted that after arranging to meet again with a group of white workers, the management appeared “more receptive to the group’s health and safety concerns.”

Additionally, Smalls requested that the administration was ignoring the directive from New York and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to clean and sanitize the facility. Now, the official from amazon has another story their official statement showed that Mr. Smalls received several warnings for violating social distancing guidelines,”. “He was also found to have had close contact with a partner who was diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and was asked to stay home for pay for 14 days. Despite these instructions to stay home for pay, he came to the site to put teams at risk.” This is the reason he quit his job! What are your thoughts on it? Comment below! Is Amazon unfair?

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