All you want to know about Kroger

Kroger is the 5th largest retail company in the world who has stood firm on its ranks throughout the years. It is a 137 year old company and easy to say, it provides us the best no matter if its food or services.


There are more than 2500 Kroger stores around the world. It is a name that speaks for itself in the food industry as well as in the industrial industry as well. Its success over the years, in my opinion heavily relies on the fact that it is always striving to be the best but it also keeps its employees and customers in mind, needless to say, THEY FEED OUR HUMAN SPIRIT!

All you need to know about SlimFast

SlimFast is known for its dietary supplements. They are an American company that markets dietary products like shakes, chocolate bars, biscuits, and packaged meals sold in the U.S, Canada, Germany, France, Iceland, Ireland, Latin America, and the U.K.

Obesity is something that has always been an issue for the majority of humans around the globe but with the introduction of SlimFast 43 years ago, the game was changed. It had proven to be helpful for people’s weight loss.

Kroger News:

Their partnership to encourage Kroger’s heroes

Kroger has been successful for years not only because the company gave its best but also the employees gave their best too. “A star quality” is something that not all employees are fond of. But Kroger sure beats the heat here as well.

They have partnered together to honor their employees for the great work that they have been doing especially in 2020 which is actually a YEAR OF PANDEMIC. They have stood together and given the best of their best.

You might be wondering who these local heroes might be? Well, the heroes of this week include:

  1. Brandon Heston, Ralphs’s store leader, Gardena CA. He continued going to college while working as a full-time inclusive manager. He also learned Spanish just to have better communication, providing promotion to 15 associates.
  2. Mary Marcu, Smith’s Associate, LV. Media is a big platform where it gives chances to people around the world. She uploaded the dance-off of her and her team where they were celebrating their hard work. (Dance is the best way to express ourselves.)
  3. Regina Johnson, Kroger Associate, Nashville, Tennessee. Till now she has given her 35 years of hard work and service to Kroger. She is said to provide joy to anyone who comes along this journey of hers. Well, who doesn’t love a person full of light?
  4. Ken Coleman, Recruiter, Novi, MI. He is a CAPTIAN leading a team of 6400 people. He hired them in the early months of Covid-19.
  5. Kelly Greene, Smith’s bakery leader, LV. She delivered food to people with high-risk for the disease during the early days of the spread of the virus.

Leading when a world is literally on fire due to an ongoing pandemic is hard. But the Kroger employees have given their best even during this time. And yet we still wonder what makes Kroger the best? In my opinion, Kroger is a family and family is nothing without giving their bests when time is hard. And Kroger family has proved in ways we CAN’T OBJECT!

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