A Roomba Vacuum is $80 off at Costco and We Suggest You Grab It ASAP!


We always suggest you get expensive items, particularly household items from retailer giants like Costco around the holiday season, as that’s when the best-discounted deals are introduced. This is another great addition to Costco’s Black Friday Deals this year.


The iRobot Roomba i4 Vacuum is on sale at Costco for $80 off. No one likes to spend hours out of their days sweeping and dusting, and thanks to Costco, you might not have to anymore if you’re a Costco member, that is, and if you don’t have a Costco membership already, it’s high time you go and purchase one!  

The vacuum comes with a Premium 3-Stage cleaning system and has 10X the Suction. With a suction that powerful, it will definitely pull out that stubborn dirt stuck deep within the carpet that would take you hours to clean and wipe yourself. Roombas are one of the most convenient technologies ever invented, they work quickly and efficiently and also reach areas in the house that are hard for you to reach yourself, the i4 Roomba vacuum also comes with a Reactive Sensor Technology that would tell the Robot where it can and can not reach, so you can do your work carefree and not worry about it bumping into things and damaging itself! 

The Robot also learns about your cleaning habits and will offer up personalized schedules. Moreover, it also connects with WI-FI. How awesome and convenient is that? 

Thanks to advanced technology and Costco’s amazing deals, cleaning may not be the most difficult task of the day anymore! So, if you want to grab this deal, you might have to take a quick trip to your local Costco warehouse store ASAP before it’s out of stock as we’re sure many will be rushing to get this one. It is also available on Costco’s official website. (Shipping and Handling charges apply if you order online) Click here to purchase. 

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