A third of employees are ‘afraid of catching COVID-19 at work’


More than a third of workers are concerned about contracting the coronavirus while at work, according to research conducted by the Resolution Foundation on employee’s safety. Now, we know that how important it is to stay safe as the second wave of coronavirus is already at its peak.


This new research highlighted some amazing aspects that only a few of the workers complain about safety and are predominantly anxious, but also the least likely to talk about it. While resolution said younger workers are less likely to file a complaint. Researchers said the widespread concerns come despite government advice on making workplaces safe from COVID.

The researcher leader Lindsay Judge, study director at Resolution Foundation, said: “More than one in three workers are concerned about contracting the coronavirus at work, despite extensive steps that employers have taken to make workplaces safe from Covid.”

Furthermore, she suggested that “Given the limited ability of many workers to persuade employers to address COVID concerns, the UK needs a strong enforcement system to ensure workplaces are as safe as possible. Besides she stated that instead of health and safety resources have been cut, inspections are slow, and enforcement notifications related to COVID-19 are few and far between.”

The researchers said they were also concerned about the decrease in funding in the Health and Safety Department. HSE funding for each site it has the right to vet has shrunk from £224 a decade ago to £100 for the current fiscal year, according to the report.

While the government spokesperson said that £14 million of funding was provided to HSE to fight the Coronavirus earlier this year. But unforcedly, it was not enough and it could not provide a much safe environment for workers. The corresponded of the environmental sector said that they are thankful to the team of the researchers for showcasing and examine its findings.

In an official statement about employees’ safety at the workplace, they said “Making sure Britain’s workplaces are Covid-Secure is our priority; this effort will not be affected by recent additional restrictions announced across England, Scotland and Wales. We will work with stakeholders to provide health and safety in the workplace during the Coronavirus pandemic.

While a new lockdown is set in England from Thursday, up to half of the workers could still be employed in jobs such as basic retail, education, and health. Now, let’s stay negative while staying positive by following sop’s and staying at home. Don’t forget to comment below about your thoughts.