A woman Received Double dose At Kroger Louisville

LOUISVILLE: Today one incident took place at kroger. While mistake in the vaccine card caused a woman in Louisville. To believe she had received two different vaccines from the COVID-19 vaccine in the Kroger District.

Ally Taylor’s vaccine card indicates that she received two different brands of the vaccine: one dose of Moderna on April 14 and another vaccine Johnson & Johnson vaccine 28 days later at a scheduled date on May 12.

A woman Received Double dose At Kroger Louisville

“What worries me with Johnson and Johnson is that it has been temporarily withdrawn due to clotting issues,” Taylor said.

But it turned out that it was a mistake to record on the vaccine card and she actually received two doses from Moderna.

The woman said that kroger health center in Louisville. Informed me that the number of injections was on the right track for me to get our modern.

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While in this reference Kroger released a statement. The spokesman said that after looking into this issue. We verified that the correct vaccine dose was provided to the customer and it was a recording error on the card, not an improper vaccination. We called to explain to the customer and apologized for the mistake.”

Taylor says she hopes her experience is a lesson for everyone to double-check that their vaccine card is correct. As many people will not check and see what does of COVID-19 vaccine is given to them. Make sure you double check. While Kroger health center have already asked the management to sort all errors and make sure that no similar incidents happen.

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