Albertson and Kroger to sign a Preliminary Deal with the Drivers


Warehouse workers

As we know that Kroger and Albertson are two big giants of Southern California in the field of
Grocery Chain. According to the Teamster officials recently, Albertsons and Kroger signed a
preliminary agreement with around 4,000 warehouse workers and truck drivers last Saturday.


This deal is made with workers of Vons, Pavillions, Ralphs, and Food4Less Chains. Due to COVID-19, a
virtual negotiation was conducted in which the federal mediators also showed their involvement.
The Secretary of Lou Villallazo who is also a treasurer of Teamster Local Union 630 and working as
the Chair of the Teamster Joint Council 42 Food and Grocery Negotiating Committee stated in his
letter that they are proud to announce that in the early morning they have signed an agreement
with the food employers.

Furthermore, in his letter, he added that if we go into bargaining the of protecting our families that
is our first concern and we are not having any second option on our family health care. We did not
only achieve our goals, but our respectable bargaining committee also helped us in securing the
extra funding from the grocers, but it also enables us to increase the reserve levels which will result
in better health care in the future.

About this preliminary deal, the representative of Albertson also made a confirmation but shared no
further details in it. Whereas the representative of Kroger did not make any response or made any
comment on this deal.

The Secretary-Treasurer of Teamster Local 572, and Teamster International vice president, Rick
Middleton made a statement that we gave a strong message to Kroger and Albertson that for us the
protection of families of both the companies is highly necessary. We are immensely proud of this
deal and strongly make a confirmation from the member’s side as well.

The members of Teamster will be asked to confirm the contract in the coming weeks.