Amazon is permitting some office workers to work remotely until June 2021, along with other tech companies


So, the bumpiest year is almost coming to end with corona and huge employments. Now, keeping this scenario in mind top tech companies and amazon have once again extended its work from home policy, allowing some office workers to continue working remotely until June 2021, reported by the top newspaper in the USA.


Their representative said in a statement that” We welcome employees who work in a role that can be effectively done from home to do so through June 30, 2021,” As previously they allowed their workforce to work from home in Covid-19.

In addition, they also said that “We have capitalized noteworthy money and resources to keep those who choose to come to the office safe through physical spacing, deep cleaning, temperature checks, providing face covers and hand sanitizer,”

While it’s a great step that Amazon did for their workers. Amazon has extended its return to work date several times as the coronavirus continues to spread across the United States. In April, Amazon set a marked date for October 2, but reread it in July, giving staff until January 8.

Furthermore, Amazon’s still being questioned about the inside question about how workers in the company’s workplaces such as cleaning, sanctuary, and food service workers have been affected by the update and what will be the measurement they will be taking.

They have only reassured the company’s approach to office workers’ dissimilarities with its strategies for warehouse workers and delivery drivers, whom it regards as the primary “front line” workers.

Since the start of the pandemic, Amazon has asked frontline workers to continue doing their jobs in person unless they show symptoms of COVID-19, test positive, or public health authorities have ordered quarantines, despite workers’ complaints about insufficient health and safety measures.

While, the Front-line workers employed at both Amazon and Whole Foods have gone on strike frequently, filed whistle-blower criticisms with the Job-related Safety and Health Administration and workplace safety agencies in separate states, sued the company, and reached out to media governments to draw attention to what they say. These are unsafe working conditions during a pandemic.

In response to this, Amazon said earlier this month that more than 19,000 “frontline” workers across the United States have tested positive for COVID-19, although their results have not been reviewed by any independent experts. Amazon joins an extended list of big businesses inside and outside the tech industry that are allowing white-collar workers to continue working remotely over the long term during the pandemic, including Google, Microsoft, and Uber. Others, like Twitter, have switched to remote work largely permanently. Let’s see how things will change after the due date and what precaution will they take in the coming months to sort the issues of employees. Let us know your thoughts on this blog in the comment section below.

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