Amazon seeks to fill 3000 jobs with the new Amazon Center


The awaited Amazon sort center has finally opened officially in Katy. The facility is located at 22525 Clay Road and is an 800,000 square-foot facility. The facility is estimated to provide employment to 3000 people at maximum capacity.


The facility is a sorting station for packages. These packages are then transferred to a delivery station.

Daniel Martin, Amazon spokesperson explained that packages are delivered to Amazon sort center by Amazon Air hubs and gateways and fulfillment centers then sorted by zip code. He added that these packages are then transported to delivery stations or last-mile delivery partners for customer delivery. He expressed the company’s aim for opening the sorting center was to help with critical package sortation needs. He claimed that this will help the company’s sortation need by enabling the fast and free shipping that the customers look forward to.

The opening of the Amazon sort center is expected to generate fast shipping as it reduces the delivery time to local Amazon customers. With this new facility, Amazon also expects to provide more job facilities to the local citizens. Amazon is a great community to work with and provides good pay along with the added benefits from day one and training programs.

Both part-time and full-time jobs are available with an hourly payment of a minimum of $15. Other added bonuses include health care and paid time off.

The requirements for jobs are having a high school diploma or GED equivalent, the ability to speak English, and an age requirement of a minimum of 18 years.

Daniel Martin expressed joy in being able to serve its customers throughout the Houston area. He also claimed to be proud of the company’s ability to create more than 43000 full-time jobs across the state of Texas.

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