Amazon To Pay Consumers For Their Shopping Data


Amazon is back again with some quality scheme of gathering user’s information. The Amazon Shopper Panel launched by Amazon is a scheme which pays the users giving their shopping data and taking short surveys.


The shopping data purchased on other stores (rather than Amazon) is required. The user has to upload 10 receipts per month in picture format. This data will be uploaded by the user on the Amazon Shopper Panel app or the user could also mail them to [email protected] to upload their shopping data receipts.

The purpose of Amazon behind this scheme is to encourage the brands to improve their product quality and help them to make adds more relevant to Amazon.

The participation in the Amazon Shopper Panel is voluntarily based. The participants can upload receipts, take surveys at any time. The user is required to provide the data only via the shopper panel to participate in the scheme. The company extracts the data from the receipt includes the product or retailer name or the responses in the survey.

Don’t step back! The user’s data will be used anonymously by Amazon. If the data involves any sensitive information such as the drug store prescriptions, it would be deleted by the company.

The user, in turn, will earn as much as $10 monthly. The money could go towards a charitable donation or Amazon balance.

Amazon is hopeful for its new initiative Shopper Panel, despite the recent critiques it’s receiving.


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