Amazon Wants to Know Where Else You Shop. And it’s Willing To Pay For it


So much data is collected by Amazon from its website, on how the people do their shopping, but what the customers are buying away from the website, the site presents a cloudy image of the E-commerce giant.


To gain more understanding of the statistics Amazon is offering to pay its consumers to submit the receipts to put in data-crunching computers. The receipts belong to the purchases they did on other supermarkets, restaurants, drugstores, and department stores. The consumers can also get the additional rewards by completing the surveys they conduct to gain information, how to meet the demands of its stakeholders.

Amazon shopper panel a program by Amazon, its purpose is to present a platform for the brands to analyze the statistics and introduce more relevant products by doing so Amazon will produce more relevant ads. Yet the Amazon also provides information to the retailers regarding consumer shopping habits.

A program called Opt-in will pay its consumers to upload 10 receipts of their purchases in a month. Purchases for the stuff like child care, gambling, guns and medical expenses, and receipts which are handwritten or in other languages would be rejected, and all other receipts are good, but the data would be used anonymously.

The industry giant is very interested in the data collected by them and they are also accused of collecting the data from third-party retailers to make that sort of product that would compete with them. Rivals like Target stopped using Amazon’s web services, fearing that Amazon will use their consumer information, the web services were the backbone of Target’s e-commerce platform.

Amazon also has launched a program in which the consumers palm would be read and linked to their credit cards and bank account to make the payments of purchases, which would make the step towards a contactless payment system. As many have concerns that Amazon is collecting the biometric data of their consumers.