Amazon worker sues due to epidemic working conditions


The news of fired employees of a known and leading company called Amazon. The employee named Christian Smalls funneled a class-action lawsuit in contradiction of the e-commerce giant on Thursday, claiming that Amazon desecrated federal civil rights law by dismissing his employment and putting thousands of other minority Amazon workers at risk during the pandemic.


Furthermore, the complaint, filed in a district court in the Eastern District of New York, calls for Smalls’ recompense and more protective measures for Amazon workers who continue to handle parcels at company facilities amid a worsening health crisis. While the official declaration by Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The complaint characterizes a high-profile attack against Amazon over its health and safety practices in the early months of the pandemic when an increase in consumer demand for e-commerce put additional pressure on the company’s logistics network. Amazon said it introduced more hand sanitizers, checked the temperature, and required social distancing at its facilities. But even as the policies began to be implemented, the workers themselves were saying that it was not enough. Previously, all the workers at the warehouse did complain about health measurement and covid-19 hygiene concerns.

While, after Smalls was fired by Amazon earlier this year after organizing a protest outside his workplace, the JFK8 Fulfillment Center on Staten Island, to highlight what Smalls said were unsafe working conditions at the start of the pandemic. The complaint alleges that after a colleague tested positive for the virus, Smalls encountered his supervisors, who had allegedly refused to issue a quarantine order to those who had come into contact with the infected employee. Facility managers are also alleged to have ignored directives from state and federal public health officials and failed to provide workers with protective gear or to establish social distancing guidelines in response to Smalls’ expression of the warning.

At a news conference on Thursday, Smalls told reporters that “white managers at Amazon are being quarantined, one by one,” but that the line workers were told that the managers were simply on vacation. At the time, Smalls said, Amazon didn’t implement any of the safety measures it currently practices. He said that it was only after Smalls was fired that those policies began. In a statement responding to the civil rights allegations, Lewandowski said Amazon is committed to diversity and inclusion. After seeing so many complaints by the employees, we really think that amazon should work on their policy against covid-19 safety concerns. Comment below to let us know your thoughts on it.

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