Amazon workers are trying to shut down warehouses on Halloween if the company doesn’t give them a day off to vote


Amazon worker are demanding help as they push the management of their company to give them paid leave to vote in the upcoming elections.


Advocacy group started by Amazon workers called Amazon Employees for Climate Justice is asking “anyone who wants to support Amazon workers.” Are putting pressure on the Amazon to shut down their warehouses on Halloween to provide a day off to vote.

The group asking supporters to park in front of the exits near to the Amazon warehouse. That move will block the passage of the trucks entering and exiting the warehouses’, this will jam the shipments and deliveries in to the warehouses. The group asking the supporters to block the passage daily for up to 15 minutes at 11am on. PT on 31 October.

Earlier this month thousands of workers of Amazon have signed a petition demanding shift off and paid day off anytime between now and elections. The group argued that the Amazon workers cannot afford to take a day off, as they already used their time off when Covid-19 were at the peak, to cater the problems relating to the virus.

The group stated as they are approaching an electoral crisis, Amazon can eliminate this modern day poll tax, it also stated the Amazon can and must allow all of its workers right to vote in the elections.

Matter relating to voting addressed In an email the Amazon spokesperson said that the company has provided an email to its workers the information on how to request time off.

Amazon’s competitor Walmart have told his employees that they can take three paid hours of leave to vote in the elections, but they have to tell the company one day before. Amazon’s other competitors like Apple, best buy and Starbucks have also announced that their employees can take the time off to vote in the elections.

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