Amazon’s Deliveryman stole $5,600 worth of merchandise- Real Store Behind the Case


Recently, a fortunate incident took place at the Amazon store. Where the amazon delivery workforce man stole a parcel worth more than $5600 and even threaten his co-worker! Here’s the full story in the blog. According to the reports from the police department. Amazon crime special delivery took place a few days back! When their employee who was working as a delivery man stole the merchandise and threat to his co-worker.


Furthermore, Police said Monday that an Amazon delivery man redirected a TV and chair back to his Long Island home instead of dropping them off at the buyer’s address – then threatening his co-worker with physical harm if the man pulled him out. 

Now, this stole case was handled to the Police and they opened an investigation into the disappearance of the chair and television – a combined value of $5,600 – on November 17, which was supposed to be received by Edward Seifert, 48, from the Bethpage warehouse in Amazon. The worker who is responsible for this act was working for a long time and had no previous history.

Besides, the policemen determined that Seifert did indeed load the goods onto his Amazon truck, but instead of handing them over to paying customers, he took them back to his home in Deer Park, authorities said. After the TV and chair were stolen, Seifert threatened his 28-year-old colleague, saying he would physically harm the man if he told him in SV, policemen quoted after investigating the case.  Seifert was arrested on Friday and charged with grand theft and coercion. Now, this is terrible and sad to threaten and stole. What are your thoughts on it? Comment below! 

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