Another Kroger store is Closing on 17 July

MORRILTON: One of the largest grocery retailers have decided to close their store at the Morrilton. They have been there for years; the Morrilton Kroger has served the neighbours of Conway County and beyond. Kroger was providing fresh produce at a fair price to residents willing to travel.

In this regard, many residents will have to find a new source of fresh food. As of now, people will only have weeks to fill their baskets. The popular store will be closed on July 17, a move that sparked outrage in the community.

Another Kroger store is Closing on 17 July

The closure leaves the area with low choices about where to store goods. But for many, this local grocery store isn’t just a place for food, but a place where the staff is more like family. Tammy West has been shopping at Kroger most of her life. She lives in neighbouring Berry County and, like many others, makes the half-hour commute twice a week to fill up on food. She said she chose this grocery store because of its fair prices, quality of produce and meat, and the friendly attitude of the staff.

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Shoppers in Morrilton now have limited options for picking up groceries, with Harps on the other side of town. And the alternative is Walmart across the street an option many wastes to take.

“Since Walmart went to self-checkout, we always go here,” local Joyce Macias said. “People feel that self-exemption gets people out of their jobs.” The place where Kroger is is already sold out, but there is no news on whether the new business will be a grocery store. Morrilton resident Ty King reported that Mayor Allen addressed the shutdown. Saying things “bigger and better” were on the way while also calling for businesses in his hometown.

The reason behind the Searcy Kroger is set to close due to poor performance and sales. While the community says it’s goodbye to the old store. Many are weighing their options and planning out-of-town shopping starting in July. And Morrilton isn’t the only rural Kroger closing its doors; Searcy has only had one shutdown in the past month. And England and Arkansas will lose Kroger’s in July; the city’s only major grocery store.

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