Another Robbery Incident took place At Kroger

According to the recent statement by the police reports, which showed that one woman who came for grocery shopping did robbery.

Now, statement as per police reports exposed and the Lawrenceburg police search for a woman who stole alcohol and coffee machines from the Kroger. The police want to help find two of the robbers who are back for seconds in the Kroger store.

Another Robbery Incident took place At Kroger

In this regard, the Lawrenceburg police say two women came to the Kroger liquor store with what appeared to be two large suitcases, but that the bags were full when the women left. We’re investigating theft from Kroger. Two women (shown in the photos) entered the liquor store with two large bags that appeared to be empty upon arrival and full when they left.

Furthermore, the police stated that the females walked out of the store and got into a large green truck with a broken rear side window, driven by a black man. Shortly thereafter, they came back and took three Keurig machines and walked out of the house without paying. Kroger’s loss exceeded $ 1,000. They have also displayed that posters of the women images by asking that If you have information about their identity. Or the identity of the driver, or the location of the truck, please contact Lt. Jeremy Shepherd at 812-537-2284.  Now, more and more robbery incidents are happening at Kroger. Now, if you have seen or know any of the person shown in the image please do comment below or report on provided number.

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