Are Retail Workers of Walmart, Amazon “Scared” As Cases of CoronaVirus are Rising


We know that this year has been all about “Deadly CORONAVIRUS”. It has taken down the economy to jobs of millions in the last few months. Now, the second wave of the corona is here, and with all leading stores, places In the United States have announced better health safeties. But few Labor activists say large retailers like Amazon and Walmart should do more to protect workers as coronavirus cases coincide with a rush of holiday shopping.


According to the reports, the workforce at these places is a bit scared as cases are increasing day by day. Also, they are quite satisfied with the store’s health safety measurements.  They are demanding risk pay, paid sick leave, and better communications about the outbreak, among other things. While the campaign comes as workers across the United States speak out about their conditions and concerns about their health.

One of the workers at Walmart said that “Yes, my Colleagues like me are scared,”. Further, the official said that the workers’ rights campaign that began Monday is organized by United for Respect, a non-profit worker rights organization that says it represents more than 16 million people across the United States. Separately, the union, whose members include grocery and meatpacking workers, called on employers to do more to protect employees.

They quoted that “Put simply, frontline workers are terrified that their employers and our elected leaders are not doing enough to protect them and stop the spread of this virus. With the start of holiday shopping this Thanksgiving Day, we are already seeing a massive increase in customer traffic. Unless we take immediate action starting this holiday week, many of the essential workers will fall ill and die tragically.” said Marc Perrone, president of the International FIFA Federation.

Now, the employee at the stores said that the leading stores like Walmart, amazon are making us work on Black Friday this year comes with clear risk. Following the news, another employee said the company has had to send out repeated notifications in recent days about infected employees. Amazon boosted the salaries of frontline employees by $2 (£ 1.50) an hour, but that policy ended in June.

Furthermore, the workers said companies have the means to spend more to protect and compensate workers, pointing to the way profits have risen during the pandemic, which has shifted purchases into necessities and kept many smaller competitors in lockdown. Amazon and Walmart did not respond to requests for comment on Monday, but they have defended their practices in the past. All these leading places are increasing the protocol to make their workers’ safety possible. Now, let’s see how they will tackle the black Friday to Christmas situation with betterment. What are your thoughts on it? Comment below!

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