Are you ready to see October’s blue moon tonight?

CCN states there is not one, but two full moons tonight. Wait…what? Yes, this is because the little fiery star-like around the moon is known to be Mars. If you are looking forward to a spooky night of Halloween, you might love to watch a Blue moon along with the red star at the side.

According to CNN, “October’s first full moon was the harvest moon on October 1, and the second is a rare full Halloween blue hunter’s moon.”

Of course, it is not blue, but a second full moon in the same month is usually known as a Blue Moon. It happens every 2.5 years or you can say “once in a blue moon”.

So, be ready for the full moon as it will rise at 10:49 am ET on October 31. But yes, you may also have to be prepared for the bad weather. To overcome this hassle, you will need a telescope to watch the full moon on the night of Halloween.

While you are wondering about the two moons and a blue moon night on Halloween, we can certainly say that this year has surprised and shocked us in many ways. Starting from COVID, and now the blue moon which hasn’t occurred on Halloween and it is the event that happened last time in 1944. Moreover, this whole week is busy, as this is the day of Daylight Saving time for many people and they will need to set their clocks the next day.

However, with the year of pandemic, a Halloween blue moon, time change, and the US Elections on Tuesday. Seems it is going to be an interesting week. So, to relax, opt for stargazing or enjoy the Full moon tonight along with Mars.

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