Arizona Sonora Desert Museum


Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is located in Tucson, Arizona. The Museum is one of the greatest attraction for the tourists in Tucson. As mostly tourists search for adventurous places to visit and this place is best suitable for them to enjoy their time exploring new things.


The Museum is built on 98 acre land. The Museum also serves a great part of Zoo and historical art gallery which one cannot miss to admire the stunning art work done by the great artists.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum 1

Here you will come across with wild life. You will experience to see different kinds of animal species such as Gila lizard, Prairie Dog, coyote, horned toad, jaguar, big horned sheep and so many other hidden animals which you will experience in your passage.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum 2

Arizona Desert is open seven days a week, timings keeps on changing in summers and winters but this is something not to worry about you can always check it online. Museum’s opening timings are from 7:30am – 5:00 pm or it can be open late till 10:00pm. The entry for the Arizona Museum is $21.95 for young adults, middle age or old people and $8.95 for kids aged in between 3-12 years. The Arizona Desert Museum offers free entrance for kids of age 2 or under 2 years.

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Arizona Desert is always offering some types of discounts for the visitors, don’t slip your opportunity and grab it from Arizona Residents, seniors and from military.

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The enormous desert is planted with different classes of plants like tall wide Cactus, Ocotillo plants and small shrubs. The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum has several trails each reaching to the desert area. The surface of desert is surrounded by sand rocks and some big rocks along the way creating some hazards for the visitors, so wear suitable clothes and shoes for a comfy journey. This place is best for visiting as you’ll have a lot to explore on your side and you never know what you can learn more.