Backstreet West Best Buy temporarily closed due to COVID’19


A dozen businesses near Lethbridge have been closed temporarily due to a sudden surge in the number of coronavirus cases. Fortunately, consumers can still order their favorite items from the Black Friday deals or any other grocery products. Best Buy is still offering delivery services in the area.


On October 29th, 2020 a sign was posted on the door of the Best Buy outlet in Lethbridge which stated that the employees at the store had contracted the coronavirus. Several people in the locality have tested positive for COVID’19. Moreover, the authorities at Best Buy informed the general public that the store had been thoroughly disinfected. Customers who the store authorities believed had been in proximity with the COVID positive employees have been informed timely about the recent occurrence. Anyone who visited the store from 22nd-28th October has been instructed to religiously follow the guidelines issued by the provincial health regulatory authority.

However, this is only a temporary precautionary measure and the store will soon open its doors again for the consumers. The decision to shut down the store for some time was taken by Best Buy to ensure customer and employee safety and well-being. If you have visited the store recently and are experiencing certain symptoms such as fever, throat pain, body aches, loss of appetite, or loss of sense and smell please visit your nearest health facility immediately and get tested for the coronavirus. Wear your masks whenever you go shopping. Remember, wearing a mask is the only available vaccine for protection against this virus that has engulfed the world.

Stay safe, shop wisely! Best Buy cannot wait to welcome you back to the store when it is safer. Stay tuned to the Best Buy website for the latest updates regarding store re-opening and timings.

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