Best Buy along with several other retailers closed for thanksgiving 


Since the last 10 years, Black Friday sales have become a tradition for the holiday season with most people preferring to run on a shopping spree rather than spending time devouring delicious food at the holiday table. Honestly, we don’t blame them. Who doesn’t enjoy shopping, especially during sale time?


However, things are far from okay due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Hence, the holiday season will be quite different than usual this year. Myriad retailers who previously commenced Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving have now squarely shifted the Black Friday deals online. Needless to say, these deals have caught everyone’s undivided attention.

Walmart announced it would not be opening its doors for the consumers this Thanksgiving in July. This marks the first time Walmart would remain closed on Thanksgiving since 1980. Soon afterward, Best Buy announced it would be following the same practice as a measure to protect the well-being of both the consumers and its staff. A Best Buy spokesperson stated that Best Buy values its customers and their health remains the retailer’s priority. The retail giant is committed to providing its consumers with an exceptional shopping experience, whether it’s in stores or online. Even Target will be adopting this strategy to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Best Buy is providing home delivery, curbside delivery, and store pickup option this Black Friday. Generally, the store will be open from 5 am-10 pm but timings may vary across different outlets over the country. Thus, make sure you check in with the Best Buy in your locality.

The sale season kicked off online earlier this year. Fortunately, the Black Friday sales will last longer this year as retailers are making a dire attempt to increase demand whilst reducing crowds. The Black Friday deals started making rounds in November with new deals incoming every week. So, if you missed out on one deal don’t worry. There are plenty more products on sale coming your way.

The Centre for Disease Control Prevention in a recent report stated how shopping at stores full of crowds on, before, or even after Thanksgiving involved tremendous risk. CDC advised the public to head over to online shopping rather than jeopardizing their health by visiting stores during the fall holiday season. Prevention is the only available vaccine against this predicament faced by the world. Therefore, Best Buy has made a mindful decision and deserves to be applauded.

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