Best Buy at Meyerland Plaza Shut Down 


The Best Buy outlet in Meyerland Plaza has taken the firm decision to not renew its lease at the end of October. However, this news has just been made public and people do not seem very happy. 


A Best Buy spokesperson shed light on the predicament of renewing lease regularly and confirmed that the store located at 100 Meyerland Plaza Mall, Houston has permanently been closed. The giant retailer decided not to renew the lease this year. As a result, 31st October was the last day this store was functional. Nobody knew back then and the public has seriously lashed out. They are not pleased with the closure of their favorite store for grocery and electronics. They were at ease with the presence of a Best Buy outlet in their locality. However, things have now gone south for them. 

On the bright side, the Best Buy spokesperson informed that the store currently has 24 fully operational branches in the Houston area. Two of these are near the old Best Buy at Meyerland Plaza; roughly only 5 miles away! 

Best Buy realizes how customers prefer to shop from nearby stores but these are tough times for everyone. Therefore, we must be understanding to conquer the storm right in front of us, that is the COVID’19 pandemic

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