Best Buy Black Friday Policy 


Best Buy CEO, Corie Bary in the latest interview stated that the retailer is doing everything possible to avoid black Friday crowds.


Retailers all over the country are adopting certain precautions to avoid the spread of COVID’19 at their stores during the Black Friday sale. Consequently, Black Friday will not be the same as before this year.

Best Buy is leaving no stone unturned in protecting its consumers from the coronavirus. Best Buy stores will remain closed on Thanksgiving. Moreover, Black Friday deals have been spread out throughout November both in-store and online to avoid the crowd.

The holiday season will be a lot different than usual but this is the new normal shopping experience. Best Buy considers it its duty to safeguard the health of both the staff and the customers.  While other retailers are still deciding their sale season strategies during these unprecedented times, Best Buy and Target are the first ones to launch a properly structured plan.

Best Buy organized a two-day sale event on Amazon Prime Day earlier in October. The next holiday deals are expected to hit the market by the end of October, as told by the CEO of Best Buy. Best Buy is offering other shopping means as well such as buying online, picking up in the parking lot, or pick up in-store. 250 Best Buy outlets are even offering same-day delivery for several products.

The retailer aims to assist people to the best of its abilities. Sometimes even an employee may deliver your product to your doorstep. Best Buy wants consumers to feel in control. They have the liberty of ordering what they want and when they want it. Best Buy will make sure your order is delivered to you safely and timely