Best Buy Creates A 50% Female Board


Best Buy CEO Corie Bary recently shed light on the board diversity initiated by them. Corie Bary followed the footsteps of Hubert Joly, the former CEO who was a staunch supporter for greater representation of women on the board. Corie Bary turned her dreams into reality by increasing the board diversity of Best Buy.


The CEO decided to make a change and step in. After all, no venture is successful without exuberant and resilient women by its side. Best Buy is one of the most popular grocery retailers in the country and deserved more female representatives. Corie Bary had to select from a pool of exceptionally qualified candidates. The potential candidates were grouped as per their specific qualities and area of expertise. Increasing diversity was also kept in mind. As a result, the chosen board comprised of some of the finest individuals.

Over 50% of the Best Buy board is female and over a quarter are people of color. This makes a potent combination that will ensure Best Buy further climbs up the ladder of success. Representation of several groups on the board creates social diversity and leads to social justice. This is extremely healthy for Best Buy. In addition to this, matters like board diversity handled by the new CEO Corie Bary herself indicate a secure leadership at Best Buy.

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