Best Buy Set To Launch DJI Mini 2 on November 4


The DJI’s replacement for the Mavic Mini, Mini 2 is expected to drop in the market anytime soon.


We are speculating that it may be available by next week as DJI staff has indicated the possibility of the release at the start of November. Moreover, Best Buy has already put the items in store on more than one location.

A Youtube content creator ‘Our Beatific World’ randomly ended up in a Best Buy store and found the DJI Mini 2 in the display case. He immediately purchased it and filmed an unboxing video which he posted to his channel. He later even posted another video discussing the specs of this fabulous device

Earlier in October, a customer went to Best Buy and saw a Mini 2 packed behind the glass covering at the store which indicated the release date was just around the corner. Another customer visited Best Buy and he was told he could not buy the Mini 2 until November 4th. He visited two different Best Buy stores and was informed that the staff could not legally sell the Mini 2 until the official release date, that is 4th November.

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