Best Buy’s latest holiday commercial is America’s new sensation 


Best Buy is back with a bang yet again for the holiday season. Every year Best Buy excels in the field of marketing through various well-structured yet catchy ads. The new commercial directly plugs the switch. An immaculate animated approach has been adopted this time around.


The commercial features an animated young girl who states how you think you know your family but 2020 is a year full of surprises. For instance, after staying home for such a long time due to the ongoing pandemic she realizes what a gym fanatic her dad is. This may sound like a healthy habit but not at the cost of a hassle for your ears. Her dad enjoys working out to loud music which makes it impossible to even hear a word she is saying later in the ad. The girl is unhappy with her father’s habits. She’d like a safe environment in her household.

Then the girl proceeds to introduce her brother who is a great cook. However, shortly afterward he burns the kitchen stove while using a pan to fry a food item. Yikes!

Her mother on the other hand is an avid gamer. Playing video games is her favorite hobby. She could practically play all day long in front of the TV screen. Also, she’s a pro at it and loves the smell of success.  Bad news for the girl though since this means no TV time for her. She needs to catch up on her daily shows as well.

The short yet succinct 30-second commercial reaches an end when a Best Buy employee pops up on the screen and tells how she can assist the young girl and navigate her through solutions for all her problems. She explains how Best Buy is offering deals for various items including Nintendo Switch for her mother. Her mom can now defeat other gamers the entire day while she can have her own TV time. How exciting! Best Buy has Powerbeats Pro for her dad as well. T

his holiday aka shopping season can allow the girl to have some tranquil at home. These stellar headphones are on sale. They are noise canceling with top-notch sound quality. At the price being offered, these deals are a steal. Her dad can work out without disrupting the process of communication at their house.  Ninja Foodi Air Fryer for her brother so he does not burn half the kitchen again. This air fryer is ideal for those who consider themselves precarious in front of the fire.

Best Buy is committed to providing the best services to all its consumers while ensuring their safety side by side during these anxious times. Consumer satisfaction is the utmost priority at Best Buy. The retailer has been successful in establishing its name in the industry in a short span due to the exceptional customer service, marketing, and holiday sale friendly policies. As always, Best Buy has launched several exciting deals this year some of which have been conveyed through this commercial. Fast store pickup is being offered with deliveries in less than an hour. Hurry up and get your hands on these, one of a kind products at an extremely reasonable price through these deals.

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