Best time to Visit Whistler


Whistler is a Resort Town in the Southern Pacific ranges of the Coast of mountains in the province of British Colombia, Canada. It is nearly 125 km near to North of Vancouver and it is 36 km to the South of the town of Pemberton.


Best times to Visit Whistler

Tourists are always cautious about the weather in certain time of the season so here are some of the information that would be sufficient for you to plan your visit. Here are some of the reasons on which why each of the best time to visit whistler has its own unique reason.

The best months time to visit Whistler are from June to August since it would be summer and by your surprise the snow would be still layered heavenly on the mountains maintaining the best scenic beauty for all of us but the temperature won’t be that chilly but would still have cold breeze as compared to winters so this can benefit you who doesn’t like much cold weather can visit in this time, also in between December to March, the mountains would be packed in snow so the weather would be awfully cold so do wear warm jackets, warm boots and caps so that you can enjoy your time here. So for the people who love skiing this is the best option at this time to enjoy in massive mountains walled in snow.

If we talk about visiting in June to July then Blackcomb Mountains reopen for Glacier skiing. You can also do camping in Whistler as this would be one to remember for life time that you had such an experience in Glaciers. You can burn some of the woods at night to make your stay warm and comfortable and if you’ve bought some raw meat you can always cook on the fire and enjoy your delicious food.

In the months of Autumn starting from September to October till November you will start to notice that all the green leaves would be turning into orange rusty color and would be falling off from the trees to the ground this would be a great time to shoot your photography in such charming places and make your visit as beautiful as possible.

In spring months such as April till May the temperature is modest to visit as one can get out of their comfort zone and can enjoy the outdoor activities such like exploring in the mountain ranges, enjoying the pleasant weather, watching the beautiful clear sky. You can also do hiking in the mountain trails and you can admire the exquisiteness of the Whistler and much more.

Whistler also does events in various month like in November – December you can experience to join Whistler Film Festival, in December – April you can watch Fire and Ice Show, in January you can join Whistler Pride and Ski Festival and in March Telus Winter Classic.

So do plan your visit for this wondrous place and explore the greatness of the Whistler.