Best times to Visit Curacao


Curacao is an Island situated in Dutch Caribbean. The Curacao has known for its many beaches which is covered in bays and is adjoining with coral reefs with marine life.


The Island is 40 miles away from the Southeast all the way to Northwest at its ends joining with two enclosed Islands in the ABC group named Aruba which is from the West and Bonaire which is to the East.

Best times to Visit Curacao 1

The Curacao Island is formed on the flat surface, Curacao Island is full of colors, you’ll see buildings painted in blue, orange, pink, yellow and so many more in colors that you would not stop admiring the beauty of it.

The best time to visit Curacao Island is in the following months which is from May to November as mostly in these months no one quite visits because of the weather changes so the place would be less crowded for visiting, this can also be a benefit as the tickets for airplanes would be much cheaper than on the peak times of visiting this Island. Hotels would be also charging less prices for booking of rooms this would again come as a benefit to you as you will have to spend less money on your expenditures.

Best times to Visit Curacao 2

No one likes crowded places so in these months, so in these months beaches would not be crowded so you can adore your time while relaxing and enjoying the peaceful environment of the Island. The climate of Curacao Island mostly have a tendency to be warm in climate so there are no chances of having hurricanes or tsunami in winters or summers so you should not worry about this matter but the Island experiences heavy rain falls throughout any season so you will have to experience rainfall throughout your visit.

Best times to Visit Curacao 3

In the month of December to April the winter season is at its highest and the weather would be so cold. This is a prime time for the visitors to come here for spending their vacations in the curacao, causing the hotel bookings and airplanes tickets to be at its top. The hotel would be so crowded and noisy that this can make your stay uncomfortable and would probably cause problem in hotel services as well also the staff would be engaged with so many guests, though there are some attractions in winters that might convince you to come here even though you have to spend high prices.

Best times to Visit Curacao 4

Curacao Island celebrates few of its traditional events such as Carnival which is always celebrated each year starting from early January till the end of February. In carnival you will experience to see the whole Island individuals being dressed up in the most colorful traditional clothes, throwing a big splashy party with lots of competitive games, so if you are planning your visit in these months don’t forget to dress up funky and enjoy the party and don’t forget to about Plain Air Curacao which is a consecutive 10 days of festival in March here you will experience to see local and international artists painting around the island. So if you want to visit the island make sure you bring everything that can be needed to attend such festivals and parties.