Best times to visit San Diego

San Diego is well recognized for its beaches, warm weather and parks. San Diego is a stunning city situated on the Pacific Ocean. It is a city in California, United States.

It is around 180 km South East of Downtown in Los Angeles and is joined with the border of Mexico. San Diego’s population is around 1.426 million on an area of 964.5 km2. San Diego is the largest city of United States and it the second largest in California.

Best times to visit San Diego

San Diego experiences marine layer clouds most frequently in between May and August as the weather in these months are cooler than in other months. The morning in these months are quite foggy and the fog stays up till early in the evening.

The temperature in San Diego starts to rise when the hot and dry winds come from Inland desert blows in the direction of the San Diego in the month of October thus creating an exotic month, its highest climate has been recorded at 107 °F   and in September the highest was recorded at 111 °F, on 26th of 1963.The lowest temperature which was ever recorded was in 25 °F on January 7th of 1913.

The cooler months of San Diego are in December through March although it is not that cool when it comes in a comparison of other parts of the United States, West Coast. Mostly in summers, the time is past with San Diego having really less rainfall.

Here you can find really decent deals on travel rates during the low spells of the weather in comparison with the high summer times. As the Tourists who live in north of the United States would love to come here for beaches, rides in the park and for the great food they don’t get the opportunity in the north of the United States as it is mostly cold, both in summers and in winters.

The rates in summers for the tourists are high as it is overly crowded, it is a peak time for travelling around San Diego and the hotels here are also overly booked. So if you want to visit the beautiful places of San Diego such as “SeaWorld “ in San Diego which  is one of the biggest attraction for the tourists, USS Midway Museum which is located in downtown San Diego, is a historical Aircraft Museum. Which has some antique collection of aircraft which were mostly made in Southern California, San Diego Zoo Safari Park is the most favorite place for the adventurous tourists who loves to get in contact with the wild life of the Safari Park Zoo.

So if you’re looking forward to visit all the amazing places of San Diego then the best to time to visit here would be in between March following in May following in September and November. In these months the weather here is pleasant and it is the finest time to visit this place. But you can also visit in summers if you love beaches and you want to tan your skin then visiting in summers is not such a bad idea which can be ideally in (May-September).

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