Buckhannon Kroger is closed for Renovation

According to the reports by the largest grocer retail, Kroger they have officially announced that Buckhannon Kroger is closed for business at the moment as it undergoes necessary repairs following an electrical fire. While the company said that Kroger hopes to announce when the damaged Buckhannon store will reopen ‘soon

While the store is locked more than a month after an electrical fire filled a Buckhannon Kroger store with fume, the grocery store remnants shut. Although the company hopes to announce a reopening date soon.

Buckhannon Kroger is closed for Renovation

Here’s what the official statement said “Our team is committed to reopening our Buckhannon store as soon as possible,” Kroger spokeswoman Melissa Eads stated in a brief statement Tuesday. “We are still working through the reform process and hope to announce a grand reopening date soon.”

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The fire on May 5 originated in an electrical panel and generator inside the store in a staff-only area behind the deli. No one was injured and the fire was quickly contained. The accident occurred at 6 am, an hour before the store opened for customers.

“All fire damage was contained in that area (the staff-only area behind the deli), but there was smoke all over the store,” Fire Department said at the time. Kroger did not say if they were making any changes to the store as part of the repair and reopening process. Let’s hope that it will be open very soon.

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