Earlier 2020, a piece of breaking news surfaced the world that a lethal disease named as Covid-19 has killed a lot of people around the globe, causing the government to make temporary lockdowns in their respective states and countries. Needless to say, everybody was shaking to their core because nobody ever even considered something this serious ON THE LOOSE.


Around the world, people suffered. Some lost their jobs, some of their homes, and some of their loved ones. It was difficult for people to keep their stomachs full even. 2020 was and in my opinion, WILL ALWAYS remain THE MOST hardest year any person or any country could’ve faced.

So people have started to rethink how to manage their homes and work in such a tight notice. They have stopped producing waste and started consuming and saving most of the food. (Things only a pandemic can do!)

Role of Kroger in the world of a pandemic:

Kroger initiated to make a foundation back in 2017 when its main reason back then was to simply eradicate waste by the year 2025.

But since 2020 took a major turn, it got successful. A recent survey proved that now more people especially employees at Kroger are now eating meals at their homes.

Kroger’s help for its customers:

The customers can recycle almost anything and everything. From a cereal box to wrapping papers to plastic bags. EVERYTHING! This has also helped in reducing the chances of pollution.

You can also recycle from home. Yes! You heard it right. People can join its recycling program and recycle food at home.

Kroger and its subsidiaries in ACTION:

Humans, no matter how much he denies that he is better off alone, always need someone to back up for him. The same is the case with big companies. Sometimes they merge and sometimes they increase their branches.

You might be wondering what those branches might be. ALLOW ME. Some of them are Ralphs, Hormel Foods, Food 4 Less, Tayler farms.

Recently Kroger announced that they all join its foundation Zero Hunger/Zero Waste initiative and they’ll try to reduce waste as well. And if you ask me, THAT is one of the amazing news that I have heard all year because let’s be real we all haven’t heard that much of good news in 2020. And whats better than unity? NOTHING.

What is the Zero Hunger/Zero waste?

It’s a found that Kroger introduced it to the world in September 2017. Its function was to eradicate waste and well the pandemic fastened the process for it. Achieving zero waste in such a big company that has more than 2500 stores worldwide is a big initiative. But just as big it is, it’s also hard. But I guess Kroger never disappoints us and that’s what makes it THE BEST RETAIL COMPANY.

In my opinion, everyone should take a little authority and we all should start saying food rather than wasting it. We should recycle all the products that can be recycled and we should stay at home for meals as well. (Ain’t nothing better than a good meal at home in front of a television with your loved ones.)  This would not only eradicate the environmental issues but it will also allow us to have nutritious food without any food waste. A positive outlook, nevertheless.

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