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Customers are dealt with at Kroger differently in each branch. A customer’s experience depends on the behavior of management solely. While having a large chain of stores and pharmacies in the United States, the one thing they may lack is keeping their management in check.


Largest Chain of Stores

Kroger has more than 2500 stores in the United States. Each branch is under a staff of management who is hired to look after customer service and keep each one employer’s behavior under observation. With a huge chain, some branches become completely dependent on the store manager, and no one to overlook that manager at all times.

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Kroger Employment

The employment at this company is not so hard to get but it is hard to work there for a long time with some carefree members of management. This company is good at paying social security w2. A few reviews may suggest that it is too hard to work at this company as they expect you to all the work yourself. Kroger as a huge company does not have a very perfect image in the eyes of others.

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Online Buying at Kroger

Kroger may have been the first online grocery store. Before this pandemic even started, they were giving people the luxury of buying groceries online. Their sales were mostly made online during this pandemic. As people knew less about buying online their online shopping was not a success back then. As COVID-19 came they did not waste any time in freshening up their website and making sales online. Their employers are specially taught to deliver on time and to stay respectful to the customer. Another success became the pickup service; to save time order online from anywhere, you will reach the store to find your groceries packed and ready to go.

Online Buying at Kroger

Customer Reviews at Kroger

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We all know there is a national pandemic going on which is threatening the lives of many humans. The only way to keep safe is by helping one another to take precautions. There are only 3 things to take care of; wear a mask, always use sanitizers and teach others about the negative impacts of Corona. In this hard time, we have to keep our humanity sane so that we can help others without being selfish. Kroger though does not look like it wants to cooperate with even its loyal customers. Some firsthand experiences have been taken from Trustpilot. This is the customer service at their branches in these heart-wrenching times.

Why Customer Service should be a Priority?

Customer service should be the priority of every seller, be it a small store or a huge company. If a seller does not think that customers are the rulers then their work may never prosper. In these times of advancement, word gets around too fast to the other side of the globe. Just one post or tweet could destroy all the things you worked for in the past years. As a customer, I would like to be treated with respect and happiness. Employers who are rude or show an attitude should be taught by their seniors.

Kroger Customer Service

At Kroger, there seems to be a problem with customer service at all times, some branches more than others. They should do better at hiring the management staff. Many shoppers of Kroger have reported cases of rudeness, rebellious behavior, and racist comments. If these things never get settled, they may lose their face as a well-organized company.

Not taking feedback

A problem that is usually talked about at different forums is about not taking feedback. This company does not take feedback lightly. If you complain to an employee they will only show you an immature attitude. If you try to comment on their site, your comment will rarely get posted. Hence, people think of it as their duty to inform others about this through other forums. If you think mailing might work, think again because these emails may or may not be read.

Chaos at Checkout

Usually, at many stores, there is chaos at the checkout counter. Due to fewer clerks at the counter, it takes forever to check groceries. There are so many lines merging into each other. Customers are exhausted by the time they reach the counter then they have to bear the attitudes of the clerks. This will make customers angry and complaining.

Racist and Discriminating employees

Employees should not be racist or discriminating ever. If an employee treats any customer differently, it means they are treating the whole community differently. Being racist towards someone is not something to be proud of. Your attitude denotes the type of background you’re from. Many people have reported that Kroger does not serve all customers equally. Treating someone badly that is part of a community means repelling the whole community. Such employees should be taught by those who know better.

Problems during Pandemic

Online shopping raised the sale rates of stores during this pandemic. Buyers were in desperate need of essentials and lockdown did not come easy on anyone. The delivery system at Kroger is not very efficient. Orders placed are not delivered until days later, oftentimes many items are missing or the order gets canceled. A few customers even complained about being charged twice for the same order. When these people try to contact the store about the problems faced, they only talk rudely or hang up. Not only this but many people complained about items being overpriced that are necessities to stay safe.

Support Kroger by buying or not?

Looking at the facts and figures, this store is not always supportive of even the most loyal customers. Buying from them will support this store to continue being a thing like this. If we have to buy from large stores like Kroger then we should be treated the way that’s best in our interests.



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