Bystanders stop suspecting a woman of endeavored robbery at Beckley Kroger


BECKLEY: According to the recent news report updates from the official police department after the incident has been reported regarding a woman who tried to rob at Kroger. While according to the reported pair of good Samaritans who came to Kroger to do shopping tried to do a burglary in progress at Kroger’s in Beckley on Sunday.


According to Beckley Police, it happened at the store location at the Beckley Crossing. Police arrested Michael England after people in the parking lot saw him trying to steal and hijack a woman’s car in the parking lot. Bystander Christina Lee captured the incident on camera. She said she got other cars on her horn while another man dropped England to the ground and tied him up until the police arrived.

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In this regard, He told me, “I was nervous, but when the adrenaline kicks in, you’re thinking of the victim. You don’t want anyone to get hurt and you’re just acting.” While suspect England has been charged with theft and is currently being held at the Southern Regional Jail. Further updates will be updated after the police department gives the final verdict on this case.

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