Can Kroger store payroll person fix pay rate issue?


Looking for the answers to your questions? New at Kroger and want us to help regarding your concerns, issues and problems? If yes then this blog help is for you! Today we will be shedding light on the Express payroll and how you can easily check your balance salary at the portal app.


In this regard, one of the current employees who is facing an issue regarding his pay posted on the public forum of Kroger. He stated that “I just checked my pay rate on express HR and it’s wrongly showing my pay rate as if I’m part-time according to the pay scale on the union contract. But I’m full-time and therefore should have higher pay according to the contract. Can the store payroll person fix this or do I need to contact someone else higher up? Thanks.

More About Kroger

While, as part of their latest agreement with Kroger (the parent company of the QFC and Fred Mayer) during the COVID-19 crisis, they have made a service called ‘Express Pay’ available to members. Express Pay allows you to access your earned salary before payday. This means that Kroger updates the money you earned at the end of each day based on the hours you worked, and your pay for those hours will be available to you in your ExpressPay account. You can transfer the money you have earned in your ExpressPay account to your bank account at any time. All the rest will appear on your regular paycheck on your regular payday.

Additionally, if you want to fix the issue you need to use ExpressPay, you need to register at with your name, phone, email and employee ID (which can be found on your payment stub). You may also need the last 4 digits of your bank account for direct file deposit. If you have already logged in then you need to update it or you should contact Hr management regarding this issue. It will be solved within a day or two! We hope that we answered your concerns. If you have more questions let us know in the comment section below!

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