Car collided with N. High St. Kroger & Why Kroger Still Facing Backlash

According to the news two people recover after colliding with Roger near the Ohio State University campus. Police and firefighting crew responded to the accident site on North High Street just before 7 a.m. on Saturday. Police say two people have been taken to Riverside Hospital under unknown circumstances. Police have arrested a person with an arrest warrant against them, but it is unclear if it was related at all to the incident.

Car collided with N. High St. Kroger & Why Kroger Still Facing Backlash

Now, why Kroger is still facing backlash? What the experts says about it! Here’s the detailed information. While, the massive retailers have mostly remained quiet about the minimum wage increases looming. But they have a lot to say when it comes to taking pictures in competition. When Walmart announced Thursday, it would raise wages for some workers, rival grocery chain Kroger scrambled to get a response.

“We welcome Walmart’s announcement raising their average pay to $ 15 an hour,” a company representative told Insider. “At Kroger, our average hourly wage has been $ 15 an hour since 2019.” In fact, our average hourly rate is over $ 20 an hour when calculating healthcare, 401 (k) and pensions that many of our competitors choose not to offer,” the spokesperson added.

Walmart sniping has become a bit of a tradition in the retail industry. In December, Amazon decided to swing Walmart when Bloomberg reported that the opening of an Amazon warehouse had reduced the average industry compensation in the county. What surprises us is that we’re the focus of a story like this when some of the nation’s biggest employers, including the largest retailer, haven’t joined us in raising the minimum wage to $ 15″, Amazon said in a statement to Bloomberg. Amazon pays $ 15 an hour to all warehouse workers.

With a minimum wage of $ 15 already being introduced in many states and cities, some companies are spending less time fighting new federal regulations and more time fighting each other.

Kroger also faced a recent backlash to close stores in Seattle and California over a “Hero Pay” regulation that would have temporarily increased workers’ wages by $ 4 an hour.

“The biggest problem for many at the moment is dealing with local ordinances that temporarily increase the champion’s salary and bonuses,” Saunders said. “This causes a lot of issues and a mixture of different pay structures. Many of the rules are illogical and difficult to implement.” In this regard, they have already closing more than 2 stores. Now, what is your opinion on it? Let us know in this regard in the comment section below!

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