What are the outcome of the West Pike Street Kroger closure?

As we know that two of the grocery stores which comes under the label of Kroger in Clarksburg were closed to make way for a new Kroger brand on Emily Drive. According to the inner sources Kroger claimed that Kroger Downtown cessation was due to deteriorating sales and cost-effectiveness over the past several years.

Now, the people who have been living and buying their monthly/daily grocery such as fresh foods and prescriptions was quite hassle less for them. After the closure many people have said that they are disproportionately affected and most are the elderly living in the Cobal Towers.

What are the outcome of the West Pike Street Kroger closure 1

Here’s what the one customer living the Copal Towers, said in this regard. “In this area of ​​the city, there are a lot of people who use this store and walk there, I used it a lot. Now, we have to outsource our food, and it is difficult for a lot of people to commute to try Getting there. Some people use the bus system to get there, but after that, you are only allowed few of the food on the bus”

What are the outcome of the West Pike Street Kroger closure 2

Another customer said that after they announced Kroger closed, my first thought was, oh my words, what would these residents do?” “It was easy for them to go to the grocery store,” said Sarah Knight, director of public housing. “A lot of them don’t have cars.” The question, then, is to what extent do West Virginia residents control their food environment?

This city has gone through many changes over the past few years, which ultimately resulted in a shortage of walkable food options. With West Pike Street Kroger closed, the nearest grocery store, Price Cutter, is a mile and a half walk away, with weak pier access. Baker says he used to ride his electric chair to Kroger, but he can’t take it to Price Cutter.

Thus, the Kroger lockdown created a food desert in that part of town. Britannica defines a food desert as “a poor area where the population lacks healthy foods.” The growing number of local grocery store closures across the state has caused problems with accessing food, not just in Clarksburg or Harrison County, but across the state.

The idea is that a locally owned grocer will have a greater stake in remaining open even if it is not making the most profit because it also exists as a community service to others while a grocery store like Kroger responds to its shareholders and the New York Stock Exchange. It is not actually accountable to West Virginia residents who have become dependent on it. ”

In terms of mitigating the problem in downtown Clarksburg, delivery services like Insta Cart are available in that area, but delivery charges and tips can be over $ 4 for the cost of groceries. The bus ride costs only 50 cents per trip, but according to Centra Bus, for people to use the bus to get groceries, they must limit what to buy with what they can put on their lap and feet. This is quite difficult, specially in covid-19 after the closure of Kroger stores. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Kroger Partnership that helps people with criminal records is showing signs of success

One of the largest grocery store chains in America known as Kroger supermarket who did partnership with the people with criminal records. And who wanted another chance to prove themselves have started to getting famous and showing very good results.

In this regard, exclusive interview covered by the Memphis city leaders told FOX13 that since the city has partnered with Kroger, to help people with criminal records find jobs, three people are working on the program today and many have filled the forums.

Kroger Partnership that helps people with criminal records is showing signs of success 1

Furthermore, the Mayor Jim Strickland is trying to make sure those in need of a second chance can find work which is exclusive sponsored by the Kroger. The program involves people who find another opportunity to find work and earning to support themselves instead of doing crime. The City leader furthermore said the partnership with Kruger is already showing signs of success.

Here is the exclusive official statement “These are the people who want to be better parents and better mothers, at the moment if they’re not working, they don’t pay taxes,” said Ken Moody, Special Assistant to Mayor Strickland. Previously, Kroger’s did partnership University of Masculinities and the Women Support Foundation or WOWS to help the women find work. Both groups offer men and women another opportunity to start over.

Kroger Partnership that helps people with criminal records is showing signs of success 2

“To give these people a second chance who made mistakes, and who had background and contextual challenges that might have prevented them from getting jobs. While, the results are great, as after they have announced the partnership with Kroger, WOWS and Manhood University, it has grown from about 50 to 200 people. Part of the challenges many of these individuals face is jobs because again once employers check their background, these things emerge and most employers are not ready to hire individuals with background challenges,” Moody stated.

While, he praised the superstore chain and further added that Kroger the first major company to advance and show laxity in some of its hiring policies so that men and women with backgrounds can compete for well-paying jobs. “They are looking to hire on a weekly basis,” he said. “Since the Kroger announcement, this has probably been the biggest request for our software we’ve had. These jobs pay anywhere from $ 15 to $ 20 an hour with benefits. There are some fees that a person may have on their record that the company will not bear.

Official statement by the Kroger said individuals who in progress to join them have completed orientation and are looking for new candidates every day. So, what are your views on this? Do you know anyone who’s finding work with criminal record? You can refer them as well. Let us know your view on this in the comment section below!

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Kroger Worker Stole $10 Million- Police Report

According to the Police report and official statement by the Kroger Duluth, Ga. One youngster age 19 who was serving at the Kroger super store reported that he stole $10 million dollar and brought cars and guns. Want to know the detailed news? Swipe down to get all the details.

Recently, an incident took place at the largest grocery food chain store in Duluth, Ga Kroger. Where the employee stole huge amount of money. The Police said a supermarket worker stole a million dollars and bought cars and guns. Police report showed that the employee is only 19 years old officially in Cairo, it updated around the clock. After he stole the money, he went straight to buy the shopping for weapons and cars, including a car to sell things to sell at the metro Atlanta place.

Gwinnett County police said an employee, Trey Brown, 19, received more than 40 refunds on multiple credit cards for merchandise that he falsely claimed were returned to Kruger in Duluth, Georgia.

Transaction values ranged from $ 75 to more than $ 87,000, according to police, who said the fraud scheme was implemented over a two-week period in December and January while the compliance officer at the supermarket was away.

It was not immediately clear how many weapons Brown had purchased and what type. In addition to firearms, apart from that the police said he brought clothes and shoes with the money he stole. There is information available on how and when the Camaro was assembled. Mr. Brown, from Duluth, was released on bail on the same day of his arrest, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s District.

Corporal. Colin Flynn, a spokesman for the Gwinnett County Police Department, said in an email Thursday that Brown was working at the fuel station at the supermarket. Corporal Flynn said the items Mr. Brown claimed were returned were lottery tickets, adding that investigators were trying to determine whether the ticket numbers he provided for tickets were actual or forged. What is your take on this story? Share your views on this by commenting below in the section below.

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Is Kroger coming to Florida? Source Reports chain buys former Albertsons in Bradenton?

According to the news update, the largest superstores in America known as Kroger, who iwas once the main financial supporter of Lucky’s Market, purchased the site that was supposed to become the Bradenton site for the organic grocery chain.

Now, from the sources we get to know that the Manatee County accounts demonstrations that Kroger bought the former Albertsons grocery site at 75th Street West and Manatee Avenue West in Bradenton who was expected to get lucky before the chain went bankrupt.

In addition, Seller BRNK Bradenton LLC filed a lawsuit against Kroger for breach of contract in May 2020 after his financial deal with Luckyy’s collapsed. In a lawsuit, the company argued that Kroger is obligated to make improvements to the landscape and failed to present a final set of plans for the site by December 2020. The previous Albertsons at 7415 Manatee Ave.W in Bradenton were devastated in late 2019 to make way for Lucky’s market that never materialized. The site is now purchased by Kroger, a former Lucky’s financial backer.

From the official statement we get to know that the Kroger paid $ 5.15 million for the property, which is roughly four acres. It is unclear what the company plans to do with the site. Kroger did not respond to an email seeking comment on Tuesday. Kroger was the main financial supporter of Lucky’s, which is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Kroger had a large presence in Florida in mid to late 2010. But the company withdrew its financial support from Luckyy in December 2019, pushing Organic Grocery to bankruptcy and forcing it to close most of its locations. Lucky’s had a store in Westfield Siesta Key Mall on US 41 and Siesta Drive before the store closed due to bankruptcy. He was also supposed to come to the Jacaranda Plaza in Venice, but that location and location in Sarasota is now slated to become Aldi Stores. Kroger is the nation’s largest supermarket chain by revenue. Its presence of 2,800 stores in 35 states under twenty brand names dominates the Midwest and parts of the South.

While Steve Kern, a retired University of Florida lecturer and retail expert, said that Kroger had tried to enter the Florida market in the past. But it has always been defeated by Publix. Publix is ​​very dominant in the market – they have a lot of prime sites, ”Kern said. Once you have a part of the intersection, if you have position A, the best that anyone else can do is position B or C. Now, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below! We would love to hear your views on this, will Kroger be able to beat the Publix? Or not!

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Why employees at Kroger feels forgotten with No Pay Rise?

We all know how covid-19 our lives difficult and adjusting to new normal is quite nearly impossible with daily increasing number of cases and new vaccines doses. It is more stressed full time specially, for workers who worked in pandemic and still working! But this can be quiet challenging as, Kroger’s employees feel like that they are being forgotten with no pay rise at all. Here’s the what their employee’s think regarding this serious issue.

Mr., Tony working at Kroger and he said that It was a stressful 10 months for him, he works as Cash Saver, a grocery chain, in Guthrie, Oklahoma. he was helping oversee about 40 anxious employees during a deadly pandemic outbreak, vigilantly disinfecting counters in the store and worrying about transmitting the coronavirus to her elderly mother while delivering products. Vaccine news boosted his spirits at first, but his optimism faded when he learned that Oklahoma grocery workers would not be eligible until spring.

Another employee working at Kroger said that “When they said we were in Stage 3, I wanted to laugh,” said Sukwell, 45. “We are as close to as many patients as with people who are not sick, just like healthcare workers, because we will always be open to providing food to the public. “The health care workers are heroes in my eyes,” she added. “But we are forgotten.”

Now, the government and store chains are trying their best to give their employees, vaccine as soon as possible. But with the race to distribute vaccines and the emergence of more contagious variants of COVID-19 have once again shed light on the plight of grocery workers in the United States. The industry has bellowed in the last year as Americans stay home and shun restaurants. But in most cases, this did not translate into additional pay for their workers. After Long Beach, California, mandated paying grocery workers a risk allowance, grocery giant Kroger responded last week by saying it was shutting down two locations.

Another worker Bertha Ayala, who works at Food 4 Less in Long Beach, California, was overjoyed after the city issued a decree last month requiring her Kroger-owned store to pay an additional $ 4 per hour of “hero wage” to compensate them for the risks they face. “I love my job,” Ayala said. “But it was very stressful.” She said the extra pay was welcome given the rising cost of living in Southern California and as confirmation of her sacrifices in going to work.

Previously, the Kroger had closed the Food4Less in Long Beach, California, in response to a city demand to increase “hero wages” by $ 4 an hour for workers during the pandemic. In response to the closing Kroger sent the message to its employees of the closed stores “Kroger sends a message, more than anything else,” said Andrea Zinder, head of Local 324 at United Food and Commercial Workers, which represents about 160 employees of the two stores. “They are trying to intimidate workers and communities: If you go through these kinds of ordinances, there will be consequences.” Now, due to this reason all employees feel forgotten and demanding a slight increasement in their pays. What are your thoughts on it? Are you an employee at Kroger? What is your take on this matter? Share with us in the comment section below!

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