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power of Kroger tuition reimbursement

Do you know the power of Tuition Reimbursement?

A good company or an organization is the one that caters to the needs of its hard working employees to its full capacity. These include health, wealth, transport, vacation, education and many more.

One of the various advantages that are offered within the educational aspect is tuition reimbursement. In the modern world, skill and degree go hand in hand for setting up a successful career.

Any firm determines the caliber of an individual by his/ her educational background prior to skills. Formation of a good educational background has become the leading requisite for a standardized life in the current world. This goes at both ends as employees also consider the companies and organizations that offer some kind of relief for growing in the educational market.

Therefore, tuition reimbursement is an expected catch for every employee. Tuition reimbursement is a form of an advantage that the company offers for its diligent employees so that they can continue their education side by side building their work career. This is to train the employees for a number of dexterity.

The firm allows the employees to train them for multitasking, sharpening their minds, and practice the exposure that they receive through education.

The edge is received at both ends that is the employee and the company. As a result, the company keeps its standard high, motivate its employees and other expected employees as well as the working ones and most importantly the hunt for talent and hard work gets limited within the four walls of the company itself.

Tuition reimbursement can also be used as a technique by the company to attract more employee ratio and keep the current ones satisfied as not every company offers it and is limited to health, vacation and sometimes conveyance.

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Looking for the company that offers Tuition Reimbursement?

One of the leading companies that offers this benefit is Kroger. In most of the locations, Kroger offers the tuition reimbursement so that its employees can continue their education and grow everyday as individuals and as a part of the company.

At Kroger you work and continue the degree of your dreams. The hard work you put in is valued by Kroger for not just your college or university but also a life that is worth living.

There are various programs that are offered by Kroger ranging from scholarships to monthly stipend. The employees simply need to get a recommendation letter from the store manager and apply.

Working, education and enjoying life all at one.

Why did Kroger not allow the Face Masks that Support the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Some employees have claimed on the internet that Kroger store did not allow Black lives matter face masks or T-shirts to be worn. Let’s go through some fact checks.

What is the BLM Movement?

Let’s rewind our memories and remember why the Black Lives Matter Movement had started. The few names that surfaced because people raised their voices; R.I.P. Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Stephon Clark, Philando Castille, Michael Cusseaux, Eric Garner, and Tanisha Anderson. However, these names do not even cover a small percentage of the people who were murdered; not be pedestrians or terrorists, but by the caretakers of America, the police. Many people came out to their support demanding justice for them. This all took place at the start of 2020, during COVID-19. Hence, T-shirts and face masks were made with the BLM logo for support.

kroger black lives matter movement

Other Movements supported by The Kroger Company

This company has been known to support all movements that took place. A few of those movements would be Breast Cancer Awareness week, Pride 2020, and a lot more. They are known for being charitable and supporting to all customers. This same company refused to let employees wear face masks in support of Black Lives Matter.

Statements were given by Kroger

The first statement was about their uniforms being clean, simple, and decent. They stated that no words, logos, or abbreviations should be visible on clothing. Aprons should be worn by all associates to show that they are present to serve the customers, communities, and also each other. The question that arose here was of the logos the Kroger Company made them wear for other movements. Many employees wanted to ask their employers why this movement was not given the same treatment, but instead, rejected in a polite way.

The second statement by them showed that they care about their customers and employees. Hence they got in contact with a black-owned supplier and got custom wristbands with two options; one to show their support to the black community and the other was to show their values that are there to guide them. These wristbands were distributed among the employees in July. They claimed that they work to give a workplace that is inspiring, comprehensive, and consistent with their values. Their values include integrity, honesty, diversity, inclusion, safety, and respect. The company said that they could not adjust their uniforms, rules, or policies for those who want to show support to their communities. The employees wanted to wear supporting clothes, face masks, and other accessories. The company said they want all to feel heard and not invisible, but wristbands did not do that completely.

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Wristbands Kroger got customized

The Kroger Company stated that they care about their customers and employees. They want them all to feel heard and loved. They said that they could not let their employees upgrade their uniforms. The company took it on them to get wristbands made for all those in support. They got in contact with a black-owned supplier who made two options of wristbands for the employees. One was to represent their commitment to stand together with their black associates, customers, and communities against racism. The other one was to serve as a reminder of their values that guide. These wristbands were distributed in July.

Does Kroger donate to Black Lives Matter?

One more incident happened in July 2020. This was regarding the Black Lives Matter as well. A fake receipt had surfaced on the web. The receipt had a BLM charge printed on it, which was 59 cents. The case of this BLM charge was investigated by ‘13News’. The 13news revealed that the charge was actually for change shortage. So, we can see that a huge company that supports all movements and donates every year does not support Black Lives Matter.

kroger black lives matter movement

Are a few dollars really worth the lives of those murdered

There are many accusations that Bloomfield Kroger employees were not allowed to wear the face masks in support due to the few customers calling to complain. The question that comes after this would be, “Are a few dollars really worth the lives of those murdered?” The company did what they had to in order to keep their customers from leaving. The Kroger store wants to earn but many think they need to learn. They did not completely refuse to support this cause but they did not make it clear that they support it either.

Are wristbands as eye-catching?

If one was to say on a personal level, then wristbands do not seem to be very eye-catching and alluring. They do not have huge printings on them which can alarm a person of some important cause. If wristbands are not of good quality then it will not be long before they wash out. If we think of all the pros and cons of making wristbands an alternative then cons definitely weigh a lot more. Hence, there exists a problem of using them as an alternative use. The wrist bands were not forced upon the employees either unlike other logos of past movements.

What this says about Kroger as a High-Quality Company

If we sift through all the facts and figures, there are a huge number of those that go against the company, making it look bad in the eyes of others. It can easily create false assumptions in the hearts of those who already have their doubts and queries. The argument that would arise in their minds is that it is nothing but a company that would do anything to get a few more customers and a lot more dollars. These arguments cannot be good for the face of Kroger as a company. A few amount of people had even went to the extents of boycotting from shopping there. This did not affect the daily income a lot as the amount was a lot less than those who did not support the cause.


Will Kroger’s Zero Hunger │ Zero Waste Policy Eliminate Food Waste?

The Kroger Company went on a mission to eliminate food waste in 2018. Many people go hungry on a daily basis. The average death rate due to hunger worldwide in 2020 is 6,679,200, as told by  The number keeps increasing every 1 minute. The problem of hunger kills more people than the problem of any other disease like malaria, dengue, or even cancer. If we start to feel empathetic towards those who have less than us, it could eliminate many problems over the world. Kroger has been trying to eliminate this food hunger problem.

Zero Hunger │ Zero Waste foundation

Zero Hunger │ Zero Waste is a foundation that is started by The Kroger Company in 2018. This drive helped those with accessories to help those in need. The foundation not only takes donations for the needy but also gives you quite some good looking recipes to use the leftovers in our house. On a daily basis, an amount of food is thrown away which could be used to fill a hungry person’s stomach. According to the company’s insights, this foundation has reduced the food waste from inside the company to a minimal amount.

zero hunger zero waste

Food waste at homes

In the United States alone, food wastage is about 30%, which is easily equal to US$48.3 billion. That’s not all; the amount of water that is used to grow and cook this food is also wasted, thus causing water shortage all over the country. A whole percentage of the food thrown away is not even ripe or destroyed. Sometimes home cooks try to make new recipes that go south, therefore forcing the cook to throw it away and start over again.

Food waste in restaurants

A lot of the time, restaurants tend to overbuy and store food for emergency purposes. The food stored is rarely used as they still keep on buying in bulk amounts. Another common cause of food wastage in restaurants would be wrong orders or over-cooking. These restaurants face at least 10 customers a day who order too much or change orders frequently. This cooked food is mostly dumped in a garbage bag and thrown away. This is an example of good food thrown to waste. There may be only a few restaurants that try to keep food wastage to a minimum. The way they do that would be by giving away the food to hungry ones rather than throwing it away.

Waste management

When the company saw the world was in need of a savior they took that opportunity and started this foundation. The recipes that are provided on their site are too easy and simple to go wrong. They do not ask you to go on a shopping trip. These recipes can easily be used to finish off leftover vegetables, fruits, meat, and more. If we start to think about all those who die from hunger, we would never waste a single leaf of cabbage or a clove of garlic again. Waste management is especially needed in restaurants and hotels. These are just some of the food waste solutions mentioned.

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Non- packaged or single foods

The Kroger Company does not only sell packed or bundled food. There is a better, safer, and environmentally healthy option; which is buying food that is not in a bunch. Examples of this would be single bananas, fruits, and vegetables that are not in mesh bags, things that are not covered in plastic can be covered with reusable plastic bags. These types of foods are mostly not picked and go ripe.

Some people have also started package free stores. In these stores, you can take your reusable plastic bags, glass jars, or boxes. They sell whatever product you need by measuring in kilograms. Shopping from these places can never go to waste as you buy the exact amount that you will need or feel your family can consume. These stores sell glass bottles and paper bags as well, in case you don’t have your own. These help a lot in providing a solution for food waste in America.

Ugly or imperfect food on discounts

Sometimes the food that looks ugly does not taste as we think. Some fruits taste sweeter when ripened. Kroger started putting up these old fruits and vegetables on sale. This not only helps sell the food in less time but helps some poor people who cannot afford to buy the perfect ones. This became a good cause to eliminate food waste in America.

Internal change before external

Kroger decided to change themselves first before sharing all their ways with other grocery stores and sellers. Jessica Adelman, the vice president of corporate affairs said that once they get more technology in the stores it will help them a lot to reduce even more waste. The Company even went ahead to establish a 10 million dollar fund to eliminate food waste. They even said that by 2020 they will have removed all the plastic bags in their ownership. Kroger will be playing its part in removing plastic from seas and oceans and also reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Has this Foundation made an impact yet?

According to the resources and the claims made by Kroger Company, this foundation has made a very large impact on society. Kroger is very near to completing the goal that it has set. The results for 2019 were as followed (these numbers have been taken from Kroger Company exclusively):

  1. This foundation has given 279 million dollars in charity to eliminate food hunger.
  2. They also donated 493 million meals to families that are insecure about food.
  3. Kroger associates rescued 101 million pounds of wholesome foods from their stores.
  4. 80% of the food waste was diverted, making a total of 2.3 million tons from all landfills country-wide.
  5. The food waste diversion has increased 28% year over year.
  6. Kroger made 31 plants from 33 completely zero waste.
  7. They also increased the total recycling to 12%

kroger zero hunger zero waste


Kroger Supports Everyone; Is It Good or Bad?

kroger feed login to check ess schedule

At Kroger Company, all genders matter. Kroger Company has never tried to discriminate between anyone. When you prosper and make loyal customers, there’s always a variety of people in the group. Discriminating someone for who they want to be is just like discriminating someone for being sick or healthy.

What did Kroger do to Employees?

Kroger online shopping company has recently fired two employees who refused to wear the LGBTQ logos, a rainbow heart on their uniform as Kroger’s daily news states. According to those employees what Kroger did was wrong and they sued Kroger Company for firing them. They had said that they always believed homosexuality was a sin; hence wearing those logos could violate their religious beliefs.

“I am requesting a reasonable accommodation of this dress code with regard to my religious belief,” Brenda Lawson wrote in a letter requesting religious accommodations, ABC News said, citing the lawsuit. “I am simply asking to wear my name badge over the heart logo.”

Was it the right decision?

There is a discussion being held on twitter and other forums if what decision they made was a correct one. According to some people, it may be right; maybe due to religious beliefs or maybe due to other beliefs. Many LGBTQ people took it to their hearts and voiced their thoughts. Many others who are straight coming out to their support. Being mean and disgraceful to someone just because they do not follow your same beliefs is not something to proud of.

Kroger Support for everyone Kroger Company 2

Kroger cares for its customers and LGBTQ employees

Kroger has not come out to say something to its ex-employees yet. It kind of does indicate that they believe everyone has their own beliefs. You cannot force a homophobic person to not be homophobic just like you cannot force a gay to not be gay. It’s easier said than done. Kroger online shopping site always cares for the customers it delivers to and always wants to keep at their best and above the rest.

Kroger’s high listing in Corporate Index 2019

Last year they had gotten a perfect score in the corporate equity index 2019; this index consists of the companies that treat their LGBTQ employees like a normal employee. This was an achievement for the Kroger Company. They gave those of the community an associate resource group, same-sex partner benefits, and transgender-inclusive health care. It did not try to change or keep a façade at bay for the customers or outsiders.

Should beliefs of one affect the beliefs of another?

If I was to say on my beliefs and accuse you of yours, do I have a justification to do so? I do not think that any excuse is justifiable enough to any extent. No matter how much you keep your walls up high and keep yourself isolated to just your faiths and religion, you will have to tear down that wall to accept another religion and faith. You do not have to accept it that is; you can just be calm and collected enough to accept that the other person has beliefs that differ from yours.

Kroger Support for everyone Kroger Company 3

Think before you pass judgment

Judgment has become such a common day to day routine that most times we do not even think about what we’re saying. We comment on friends, strangers, and passersby, young ones, and old ones no matter who it is we will pass an unneeded comment. None of us was ever taught to judge or discriminate. We learned all this ourselves as we grew up, from watching our parents or neighbors or those in our society.

Kroger putting up a façade for customers or making genuine relations?

Kroger does not look to be a company that may put up a mask to look good in other’s eyes. From the reviews I’ve read by the community on their employees, it seems that they do take care of their workers and customers. Kroger takes Pride as a serious matter. They seem to have compassion for spreading love and liberalism. This company does not look completely guilty.

Feedback from a community member upon this

“Well personally, I give full backing to Kroger Company upon this” stated by Lou Cavendish, “I believe that spreading love and compassion should always be centric and it’s this acceptance at the core of all organizations no matter the concept that gives us the courage to wear our colors with pride. I do not think those women were right about what they did. It’s 2020, that behavior is questionable”

Kroger Support for everyone Kroger Company 1

Teaching employees to love the humankind

Kroger is just promoting what it thinks is right. It is trying to teach its employees to treat all customers equally and not based on personal judgments. No one, even on a normal daily basis should judge others for what they believe in. It’s their life and we can just stay quiet or support them if our heart agrees. That is a valuable lesson that Kroger Company has tried to teach its employees. This does not only put a good face to Kroger but also becomes a loving name in the community members. It also makes Kroger have a better buyer-seller relationship. This behavior helps to satisfy all customers.

Good for marketing purposes

When Kroger becomes a name in the hearts of all, it instantly compels the customers to shop from the Kroger store. It creates a positive loophole; the more love and compassion they show, the more customers they’ll attract. A positive loophole will help them to achieve a desired goal on the selling chart. The more customers they attract, the more net worth they gain, hence jumping to a higher rank. This will unknowingly create a marketing strategy.

Should Kroger have dealt with it in another way?

There cannot be just one definite answer to this question. Many people have many different opinions on this matter. A few of the LGBTQ community also believe that people have different beliefs and you cannot force them to accept homosexuality. Just like that many straight people also support the LGBTQ community.


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Is it a Good Time to invest in Kroger Stock Market Today?

This may come to you as a surprise but despite what the latest stock market news may say about Kroger store’s decrease in the stock market, it just may be a good time to invest in it. Though the Kroger stock market does not give you revenue of millions or trillions it is a stable market.

Stock Market and Kroger

On September 23, 2019, the stock market NYSE: KR was 25.78 with a volume of 18 710 264. Since then to today, September 21, 2020, this exact stock market has gone upwards to NYSE: KR 33.49 with a volume of 32 338 056. The stock market has shown quite a large number of increases in its change of price, which would be 30.11% in its price.

is it a good time to invest in Kroger Company

Berkshire Hathaway and Kroger Stock

In February 2020, Warren Buffett, owner of Berkshire Hathaway (owner of more than 60 other companies including insurer Geico, battery maker Duracell and restaurant chain Dairy Queen and many more), invested in Kroger stock market by buying about 19 million shares. These 19 million shares are nearly worth around $549 million. Thereafter, many companies followed in Buffett’s footsteps and ran to invest in Kroger Co. This little push pushed the Kroger stocks 5% upwards.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Kroger stocks

As the times worsened for the investors during this rising pandemic, all investors ran to put their stocks in a safe market. Many stock markets fell and had to pay revenue to investors in millions. As the Kroger store is a grocery store that sells essentials and daily routine products, they instantly became a safe-haven for these investors. According to the latest stock market news, Kroger may not be a huge growth stock market but it also cannot be deemed as a dead stock market. As of 2020 September, Kroger can also be known as a target stock. The target market for Kroger seems to be virtual and not physical.

Growth Rate of Kroger stocks

We have already established that Kroger stocks are a safe-haven for investors and a stable market. Due to the pandemic, many businesses worldwide turned towards digitalization. a whole lot of businesses including shops and bakeries became virtual. Due to this turnover, many companies and industries fell behind. As the Kroger market was already an online market, hence, it grew a lot more. It had shown about a 22% growth in sales by the start of the coronavirus. Therefore, it happened to steal the stock market with a rapid increase.

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Even with this rapid increase in the stock market, there’s still a lot at stake. Kroger may have stolen the market but it still does not give enough revenue. This market may be able to double your investments but tripling or quadrupling seems quite peculiar.

Increase or Decrease in Annual revenue 2019 vs. 2020

Net Income$3.11B$0.819B175.76% increase
Gross Profit$26.749B$6.938B12.61% increase
Revenue$121.852B$30.489B8.24% increase
EPS$3.76$1.03178.38% increase
Shares Outstanding0.818B0.786B2.36% decline

As this table clearly shows, there has been an increase in the revenue by 8.24% since 2019. The net income of Kroger Company showed an increase to 175.76%. According to this table, Kroger company showed intense growth during the pandemic. The question that still arises is will this market still be stable once the pandemic ends?

Will this market still be stable once the pandemic ends?

The Kroger market showed a huge increase but the question still arises about Kroger Company’s future. Many people have adopted this lifestyle of technology and online shopping. Once the coronavirus ends, we may see more people out on roads than on devices. As a buyer, after shopping online for 6 months, we have gotten very used to it but on the other hand also very suffocated. Life after Covid-19 may change a lot of habits of many people. For those who are busy in everyday life may find this market a useful place. If in case this market does fall in the coming times, it will have to pay revenue to investors in millions or billions. Hence, this stock market does not seem to be a long-term market. You may see a downfall of about 10 to 20% in the stock exchange of Kroger Company post-COVID-19.

Will buyers continue online shopping?

Buyers who are too busy to shop physically may be very pleased with this technology. If all we do became virtual during COVID-19, we have a hope that soon in the future things really might turnover and we may see an increase in technological and virtual advancements. Buyers have been spending there time very dividedly. They spend time working and also shopping on the side. This may just become a future worldwide. If people do start to get all businesses online then I do not think that investing in Kroger stocks may be a bad option for a stable future, not the present.

Companies to invest in 2020 with the best stock markets

The companies to invest in 2020 with the best stock markets, by Sean Williams, have been said to be:

  1. Amazon
  2. Intuitive Surgical
  3. NextEra Energy
  4. Exelixis
  5. Pinterest
  6. SSR Mining
  7. Innovative Industrial Properties
  8. Facebook
  9. Livongo Health
  10. Visa

These companies seem to be increasing quite rapidly and also give more revenue than Kroger stock market. If you want an instant increase then these companies deem to be best for investment.

Should you or shouldn’t invest in Kroger markets?

An investor looks for nothing but a better future in the stock market. If we talk about the recent future, that’s 3 or 4 months from now, Kroger seems to be a very good investment option. Though on the other hand if we look at a few years from now when all things and life turn back to a normal routine again, Kroger stocks may not be the target market. On the other hand, if we go a few more years further, we do have a future in advanced technology.