Does Kroger charge “The Black Lives Matter” To the Customer’s Grocery Bill?

kroger blm charge receipt

A photograph of a Kroger Receipt went viral on the internet a few days ago. The picture claims that the Black Lives Matter movement is allegedly associated with the coin shortfall of the country. In order to bear with the shortage, each customer will be receiving an extra 59-cent charge over their bills.

INDIANAPOLIS — A photograph has been surrounding lately on the internet of a Kroger receipt proclaiming an additional charge of 59 cents over “the Black lives matter movement” is not authentic.

kroger blm charge receipt

The internet post with the receipt photo claims that the supermarket chain has been adding a 59 cent “Black lives matter charge” to the grocery bills.

The team from VERIFY has checked with Kroger and discovered the picture to be fake. Somebody had the photo deliberately falsified and later posted it on the internet.

Kroger Submitted a screenshot of the original receipt from an Indiana store to the 13News channel on the 15th of July. As a matter of fact, “Change shortage” was written on the receipt.

The company responded by saying that it was due to the shortage of coins that has been faced by the entire nation. Earlier in the month, Kroger officially reported that customers can now load their coin change on their Kroger loyalty card. The invoice says “Change Shortage” whenever the issue appears to be happening while shopping.

So, it is officially verified that the picture uploaded on the internet is incorrect and misleading.

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Are you shopping at Kroger? If yes, then you do know about the Kroger Fuel Points Program. In the Fuel points Program, you can get the points and can save on fuel. But do you know that earning more fuel points than usual is possible? Yes, by Kroger 2x Fuel Points you can earn the double amount of Fuel points than usual.

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One of those things is having a Kroger account. You can read the instructions mentioned below to know that “How You Can Create Kroger Account?” So do read the instructions because you need your Kroger Account to access the Kroger 2x Fuel Points.

How To Create A Kroger Account?

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Now you can manage your Kroger Fuel Points easily. But before that, you should know that “How does Kroger 2x Fuel Points Work?” So read the working of the Kroger 2x Fuel Points Program below.

How Does Kroger 2x Fuel Points Program work?

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Kroger Instant Win Game Oikos Extra Point

Kroger has recently launched a new Oikos Extra Pointsnstant win game where gift cards can potentially be won to the NFL Store, tickets to NFL, and Kroger Digital Coupons vouchers for Dannon Oikos Yogurt.

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The total approximate retail value of all the instantly win prices is $10,000. The first Grand Prize contains two tickets to the National Football league Draft in Paradise, NV April 23rd to 25th, 2020. The total Grand Prize approximate retail value is $2,000. Prize tickets would be sent to the verified winner by courier at the address given in the claimant’s documentation at least a week beforehand.

Kroger Instant Win Game 🤑 Cheetos Mega Cheesy Ball

Kroger Instant Win Game Cheetos Mega Cheesy Ball

Kroger has recently released a new Cheetos Mega Cheesy Ball Instant Win Game in which you can get some cash loaded to the Kroger shopper’s card or the bags filled with scrumptious Cheetos.

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Kroger Pharmacy Prescription Transfer – Get $25 for Free Grocery

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The Kroger pharmacy prescription Transfer Coupon is very rare yet, it is an incredible opportunity to get $25 off of your purchases.

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While making a qualifying purchase from a grocery, the Kroger pharmacy prescription transfer coupon is loaded on the shopper’s card at the pharmacy which can be availed on the grocery shopping in the future. The Kroger digital coupon must be transferred and purchased at a Kroger owned pharmacy after the process of filling and purchasing prescriptions at some other non-Kroger owned pharmacy is done. The eligibility of the coupon relies upon the valid refills of the purchased prescriptions. However, the prescriptions for controlled substances such as alcohol are not held eligible. It is to be noted that the patients who are enrolled in the governmental health programs are not eligible to take benefits from this coupon. Also, the patients who are registered under the Kroger Rx savings club membership program are ineligible to avail this digital coupon. On the other hand, the coupon is not held valid where it is prohibited by the authorities.

The coupon is invalid and void in AL, AR, MS, TN, and VA. To have additional information, see the details provided by the desired pharmacy. Not more than one coupon can be availed in each household. Moreover, paper coupons and digital coupons cannot be utilized at the same time while making a purchase and must be used separately. The prescription Kroger digital coupon cannot be availed at the purchase of marked items which can include clearance items or items from manager’s specials. The coupon will be expired on the 20th of March 2020, on the other hand, clipping the coupon is not available now as a digital user has been complaining about the availability of the coupon when they sign in to the shopper account. However, it is visible in my account as a clipped and an active coupon. The coupon is available in-store, for pickup, delivery, and shipment, however terms and exclusions are applied.