Good News for Tennessee As Kroger to start offering dates for the COVID-19

One of the major and acknowledged grocery store chains in America, Kroger have announced Covid-19 Vaccination center at Tennessee. The company said it has received a limited supply of the vaccine and will begin administering it in 115 pharmacies across the state.

Good News for Tennessee As Kroger to start offering dates for the COVID-19 1

In addition, the company Kroger recently announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with the Tennessee Department of Health to administer the COVID-19 vaccine at its drugstores across the state. The company said it has received a limited supply of the vaccine through the Federal Partnership Plan for retail pharmacies and will begin administering it by assignment at 115 pharmacies across Tennessee.

Good News for Tennessee As Kroger to start offering dates for the COVID-19 2

Now, if you want to setup your appointments which can be made by visiting or by calling 866-211-5320.

In addition, all individuals can be requesting an appointment must meet the criteria for the current stage of the vaccination plan. Beginning February 24, Tennessee is vaccinating people in stages 1a1, 1a2, and 1b, and people 65 and over – which now includes K-12 and child care personnel.

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There is no charge for the vaccine. Kroger said they has no preference between the Moderna vaccine and Pfizer-BioNTech because both have been shown to be safe and effective and he will use either of them – depending on which one he receives from the country allocation.

Here’s the official statement “We appreciate this collaboration with the Tennessee Department of Health and the CDC as we continue to work to vaccinate Tennessee against COVID-19,” said Jeremy Crane, head of health and wellness for the Kroger Division of Nashville. “We strongly encourage all customers and associates to receive the vaccine to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.”

As of February 22, the company said it had administered more than 468,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in 25 states.

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Kroger Back to Normal operating hours after the winter storm

According to the reports, the Kroger company which was previously, closing early due to bad weather. Now, as Houstonians continue to work to recover from the winter storm, water problems, and power outages, the H-E-B and Kroger stores are returning to normal business hours. Kroger grocery store chains are also indicating a return to pick-up and delivery services, as openings are available.

Kroger Back to Normal operating hours after the winter storm

Here’s the official statement “We’ve worked hard to ensure our customers get what they need at the Kroger, and we couldn’t do it without our amazing team of colleagues,” said Joe Kelly, president of Kroger Houston. “Many of our stores have been affected by the disruption, but we are back strongly, and we are here for Houston.”

Even another store was affected, H-E-B which recently issued a statement that it continues to work to re-supply its stores with items that were in short supply during the storm. “While severe weather briefly halted the food supply chain, our stores remain open and HEB trucks are on the way. We have over 1,500 HEB trailers taking off today to restock our stores as quickly as possible, and we work closely with many of our vendor partners to make direct deliveries. To stores and help replenish key products like water. In addition, HEB has resumed manufacturing all the items our customers need, including milk, ”

More Updates:

H-E-B continues to keep some purchasing limits in place. “We ask people to buy only what they need and leave others to their Texas colleagues.” The following items are limited to each shopping trip / transaction at all stores, with details updated on their website. Now, if you are going to visit Kroger store anytime soon, here’s the list of allowed limits of the food items which you can buy according to the limitations by the company.

Gallons of Water – Limit 2

Multi Water Package – Limit 2

Kids Water Gallon – Limit 2

Baby Water Bottles – Limit 2

Eggs – limit 2

Milk – limit 2

Bread – limit 2

Baked Bread – Limit 2

Tortilla bread – limit 2

Ice – Limit 2

Charcoal – Limit 2

All meat (beef, chicken, pork, turkey) freshly cut and chopped – max 5 totals

Non-food items:

Paper Towels – Limit 2

Propane tanks – limit 2

Aerosol Disinfectant Sprays – 2 pcs

(Isopropyl alcohol) Alcohol Swabs – 2 pieces

First Aid and Cleaning Gloves – 2 Pieces

Disinfectant wipes / sprays of trial and travel size – limit 2

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Kroger Plans to Restock Their Stores This Week

According to the official statement by the Kroger, Dallas – As, they will be re-stocking all grocery items within this week to make their customers life easier. Previously, Kroger had restrictions on the purchase, and there are still restrictions on how much customers can buy some products, such as milk, bread, and water.Kroger Plans to Restock Their Stores This Week

While, at the North Texas residents who went to the store to replenish their groceries may have spotted some empty shelves after last week’s winter storms. Many people had notices on boiling water or without electricity and dashed to buy groceries when they could.

In addition, Kroger says their harvest fresh food items such as, bakery, and ready-to-eat dishes “look good” in many stores, but are still working on rejuvenating milk and bilateral dairy products, like sour cream and milk etc. Previously, due to weather issues all Kroger stores were empty.  There are still sour dry products, such as macaroni, and cheese. Demand for frozen food remains high, but customers will start seeing the norm this week as Kroger works to restock and replenish.

More Updates:

“We expect to fully stock the shelves this week and in some cases two weeks,” Kroger said in a statement. On Thursday, Kroger placed a limit on the number of products customers can buy in Dallas stores.

The current product limitations are:

  • Ground beef
  • Milk
  • Orange juice
  • Poultry
  • Propane
  • Water
  • bread
  • Briskets
  • coal
  • eggs
  • Fire records
  • Frozen pizza

While, these limitations, are only for limited time as they have Shipments accelerate and operations at distribution centers have returned to nearly normal. At one point, Kroger was working with 30% of the employees and there were multiple boil alerts in the many cities we operate in as well as blackouts in the distribution center and multiple stores. Now, 90% of employees are back to work; Energy has been returned to the center and all stores; Kroger said structural damage such as broken pipes had been repaired. Further Kroger said the only current boil notice in the D-FW operating area is in Lewisville. That’s for today! Don’t forget to share our blog with your friends and family in Dallas for updates.

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Kroger’s Paducah and Murray pharmacies contain COVID-19 doses

One of the largest and known stores Kroger announced for Covid-19 vaccine. In this regard, the company, Kroger Health says it has received doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and will begin administering the injections at two pharmacies in western Kentucky. They will be taking appointments once they will setup the consulting room.Kroger's Paducah and Murray pharmacies contain COVID-19 doses 2

Back on February 11, Governor Andy Becher announced that Kroger Pharmacies are at 3141 Park Ave. In Paducah and 808 N 12th St. In Murray it will administer the COVID-19 vaccine as part of a partnership with the federal government. While, the Governor also announced that announces 156 new COVID-19 vaccine sites in Kentucky. As of Monday, those stores had not yet provided shots, as their expected shipments had been delayed due to the winter weather.

Kroger's Paducah and Murray pharmacies contain COVID-19 doses 1

However, Kroger Health announced Tuesday that it has received a limited supply of doses through its partnership with Kentucky. They will start the appointments shortly as we mentioned above about it.

More Updates:

Here’s what the official statement from the Kroger Health “We appreciate this collaboration with Kentucky as we continue to work to vaccinate Kentucky residents against COVID-19,” Cindy Fischer, head of health and wellness at the Kroger Delta said in a statement. “We strongly encourage all customers and associates to receive the vaccine to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.”

Fisher also noted that the company has announced a “one-time payment of $ 100 to all employees who receive the manufacturer’s recommended full doses as they become available to them through appropriate phase guidelines.” Regarding COVID-19 vaccination dates, Kroger Health reminds the public that Kentucky is still in Phase 1B of its vaccination plan this week, which includes people age 70 or older, K-12 teachers, childcare workers, and first responders.

If you are interested in the scheduling or want to make an appointment, visit or call 866-211-5320. Kroger Health says those asking for appointments must meet the criteria for the current stage of vaccination.

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Girl Scouts are back at Kroger

According to the recent news from the officials, two groups visited your company on the same day: Girl Scouts selling delicious cookies, and a trade union distributing flyers and asking employees.

Girl Scouts are back at Kroger 1

In Kroger Limited Partnership, 368 NLRB No. 64 NLRB said employers may prevent non-employees from protesting business over employer property while continuing to allow non-protest activities such as requests for charitable donations or civic groups, including the sale of cool cookies for Girl Scouts. In the past, many companies were understandably reluctant to allow any visitor to their property for fear of the heterogeneous application of the no-bid policy. Opening the door to a single visitor meant allowing all visitors, including unions.

Before Kroger, the National Statistics Board (NLRB) disagreed with the federal courts of appeals and viewed the company’s ban on unions on business property while invoking a no-seam policy, while still allowing other visitors, to be discrimination. Historically, this clash and lack of clear guidance has led to labor attorneys advising their frustrated clients to prevent the sale of these cool cookies. Christophe Matthew under the new standard of the NLRB, an employer is discriminating against non-employee related activities only when it treats “like-in nature” activities differently.

At Kroger, a grocery store asked local police to remove union representatives from the parking lot after the union began rallying shoppers to stop using certain Kroger stores during a labor dispute. In response, the union filed an unfair labor practice charge under the National Labor Relations Act.

When a union is wronged and alleges a violation of the NLRA, it is referred to as an unfair labor practice and should be filed with the National Labor Relations Board – the principal implementer of the NLRA. Unfair work practices occur when an employer interferes with, restricts or forces employees to exercise their rights guaranteed by law, including the right to engage in coordinated activity for the purpose of mutual assistance and protection. The NLRA was enacted during the New Deal to protect employees from discrimination when they supported unions in already union workplaces or in initial organizing efforts. In alleging unfair labor practice and discrimination by the grocery store’s allegedly selective application of the Kroger’s no-contact policy, the union cited other visitors permitted to the store: Girl Scouts, the Salvation Army, and groups promoting breast cancer awareness, among others.

More Updates:

It is important to distinguish between allowing one class of visitors – charitable, civic, and commercial groups – versus protests and boycotts for non-employees. The viewpoint of these groups divided the NLRB board and the courts for decades, even before Girl Scouts created the “Cinna-Spins” cookie, an oatmeal and cinnamon cookie that was discontinued after just one year probably because it was a health-conscious treatment with Fewer calories. Now, after the covid-19 and new normal life, the old routine is coming back. What are your views on it? What do you think of laws? Let us know in the comment section below!

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