Kroger vaccine clinics opening in Owensboro, Madisonville

According to the recent reports, as we covered yesterday that Kroger will be offering Covid-19 vaccine. A couple of Kroger vaccine clinics are set to open Friday in Western Kentucky. It was announced by Governor Andy Beshear last week that some Tri-State Krogers will have those.

Kroger vaccine clinics opening in Owensboro, Madisonville

While, the clinics are opening Friday morning at Owensboro’s Frederica Street location. Madisonville’s Island Ford Road location is also set to offer vaccines, but Kroger hasn’t released its start date. Those eligible include Kentuckians in Phase 1A and Phase 1B. Kroger officials say they are currently having some issues with their sign-up site for the clinics in Owensboro and Madisonville. They tell us they are currently working to figure that problem out.

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You can easily, signup and if you want to know how you can sign up for this clinic, you can visit their website. A couple of Kroger vaccine clinics are set to open Friday in Western Kentucky.  Kroger asks that you bring proof of residency and vaccine eligibility. They say there are about 150 extra appointments left at their Bowling Green Clinic.

Furthermore, Kroger Health announced that appointments are still available February 26 and 27 at the Bowling Green COVID-19 vaccination site. Appointments for the upcoming Thursday, Friday and Saturday are also available. The location is in the former Sears building at Greenwood Mall, 2625 Scottsville Road. Those in the state’s current vaccination phase can visit to make an appointment or call 866-211-5320. There are no personal fees and no insurance required. You can share this blog with your friends and family in mentioned areas to let them know about it! For further details and updates regarding Kroger health, stay tuned!

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Did Kroger Really Close Two QFCs In Seattle About Risk Pay?

As the new debate on the Kroger closing stores have created a lot of controversy! While, the company’s decision to close two grocery stores due to the risk allowance is a political move. (many of the senior analytics are thinking this might be the reason behind closing stores) The economy is more complex.

Did Kroger Really Close Two QFCs In Seattle About Risk Pay

In addition, Kroger supermarket retailer recently announced the closure of two grocery stores in Long Beach, the first California city to implement a “pay heroes” law. Kroger blamed the new law. Would you do the same trick here in Seattle? As it turns out, yes. Last week, the Kroger-owned Qatar Financial Center announced that two of its 13 stores in Seattle would be closed in April. One of them is the Qatar Financial Center. The 109 workers whose future jobs will appear in the air will likely feel angry, too.

Let’s put aside the question of whether grocery workers need and deserve the risk allowance, because of course they do. Unless counted as the QFC’s protests about how it was providing generous care and rewards for its workforce during the pandemic, opponents of these new laws do not usually argue that workers are already making enough money. Instead, they argue that due to its extremely narrow margins, the grocery industry simply cannot absorb the extra costs. This is how Kroger interpreted its decision to close stores, which it says have been “struggling for a long time” and “underperforming” before the pandemic. Of course, the company won’t open its books to public scrutiny, so we only have the good word that this step is a business necessity. Every news story about the Seattle shutdown has repeated the QFC’s dramatic claim that the new law “will increase our store’s operating costs by approximately 22%”. I thought that sounds suspiciously loud, so I put on my reasoning cap and did some simple math.

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The QFC says its labor costs equal 13% of total sales, and the average labor cost in Seattle is $ 25.96 an hour, including benefits. (This is believable: Lots of newbies tend to start at $ 16.79, which is just over the minimum wage, and a lot of veterans near $ 23, which is the top of the union-won wage scale, with a sprinkle in between). In this case, paying $ 4 an hour in risk allowance, and generously recognizing an additional dollar for additional expenses such as payroll tax increases and pension contributions, would increase labor costs at the QFC by less than 20%. But what about company operating costs?

It is generally understood that “operating costs” include all the day-to-day costs of running a business. This can’t be what Kroger means, given that a 20% increase in labor costs will not raise total expenses more than a few percentage points. Maybe Kroger rules out the cost of goods sold? This would be a non-intuitive but still defensible definition. But even then, it’s hard to envision how the new law could raise the store’s operating costs by more than 10% or 12%. That’s important, but it doesn’t come close to 22%. is this wrong? A bald lie? Or perhaps Kroger, like Humpty Dumpty, uses words to only mean what he chooses. Does the company have a vague internal definition of operating costs that no one knows? I asked the media relations department at the QFC to show me the company’s accounts, and I got a cheerful response showing $ 4 between 20% and 22% of $ 19.97, which is the company’s average hourly wage at its stores in Seattle. It is true. But not the statement that was printed on the “fact sheet” and reprinted in news stories across the country. Now, let’s see what happens in future, let us know what are your thoughts on it?

After all, it is tempting to view closing the store as a pure political move. There is no doubt that this is a political move. Tom Geiger, director of special projects for UFCW 21, the union that represents grocery store workers in the Puget Sound area, notes that Kroger doesn’t usually issue press releases when the store is closed. “It really looks to me like this is a shot across the bow in front of other communities across the state and across the country,” he says.

Next: The Western Australian Legislative Council deals with systemic racism in insurance rates

If this is the game, it is not completely functional. A number of California cities have already followed the Long Beach line. Burien increased Seattle once this month by claiming a $ 5 risk allowance, and is considered King County

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Kroger contributes $50,000 to Top Mayor’s Disaster Relief Trust

According to the reports, Mayor Eric Johnson announced Thursday that Kroger has donated $ 50,000 to the mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund. While, the money will be used to help Dallas residents recover from last week’s winter storms. Groceries also donated nearly 50,000 gallons of water to the city of Dallas for water distribution efforts.

Kroger contributes $50,000 to Top Mayor's Disaster Relief Trust

While, further they said that “As we recover from this horrific crisis, we need a comprehensive, operational approach from government entities, nonprofits and our business community,” said Mayor Johnson. “Kroger has been a great partner of Dallas in the past, and I’m grateful for their continued support to our people.” Kroger has previously been involved in other important domestic initiatives, including COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.

“In the midst of an international pandemic, our communities have been hit by a historic winter storm that affected our workplace and our homes. I am extremely grateful to our partners who have worked tirelessly throughout the past week to ensure that our customers are prepared before, during and after the storm.” Our operations, we know this is not the case for many in our society. At Kroger, feeding the human soul is more than just a slogan – it’s action, and we hope this donation will help a lot during the recovery period in our cities. ” The Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund, sponsored by the Dallas Foundation, was initially created to help the city shelter Hurricane Katrina refugees in 2005. The funds in the fund can only be used in the event of a federally declared disaster in Dallas. Texas received an initial federal declaration of the Winter Storm Disaster from President Joe Biden on February 14.

More Updates:

While, the Former United States Ambassador and current First Vice President Hunt Consolidated Jane Phillips chairs the advisory committee for the Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund. Other members of the committee are Matthew Randazzo, Chairman and CEO of the Dallas Foundation, Robin Esquivel, UT-Southwestern Vice President for Community and Corporate Relations, Peter Beck, CEO of the Beck Group, Dallas City Director T. Broadnacks, and Chief Mayor Johnson Mary El-Banna. Mayor Johnson announced Thursday that the fund will provide $ 500,000 to 25 organizations in the first batch of grants. The announcement came as the Seabert Williams Shank Foundation and the Greater Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in Dallas announced donations of $ 25,000 to the fund.

Previously, the fund provided $ 275,000 to organizations that were helping residents overcome the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kroger offers to a giant new Marketplace in the Dayton area community

Good news for all the Dayton area community as one of the largest grocery store chains Kroger, is planning exciting new venture. The company Kroger is looking to expand the Dayton area community by replacing a 25-year-old storefront with a new market.

Kroger offers to a giant new Marketplace in the Dayton area community

The concept site plan submitted for the proposed development of the 155 N. Heincke Road site in Miamisburg shows the 124,000 square foot Kroger Market and gas station. If the store is approved, it will be part of a “complete redevelopment” of the property – the current 6.84 acres comprising 66,840 square feet of Kroger and the 21.67 acres in the north that contain Groby Field.

In addition, from the current Kroger was built in 1995, according to Montgomery County Office records. Besides groceries, Marketplace stores also usually provide items ranging from ready-to-eat food to general merchandise including toys, clothing, and household goods.

More Updates:

In this regard, the comments provided by the City Planning Commission during a study session on Monday will be used by the applicant to “modify” the plan before submitting a formal request to redistribute a portion of the site, according to the Miamisburg staff report.

Furthermore, the efforts have been made to divert many of the site’s more intensive uses, including parking and a petrol station, south of the site and across the street from commercial uses, according to the report, which described these changes as a “favorable” and “welcome” design proposal. Let’s see when this plan will be complete and what will be the outcome. What are your views on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Warren Buffett increases his ownership & Covid-19 appointment at Kroger

According to the recent news, which was circulate on official website of Kroger. From the news desk, the Renowned investor Warren Buffett has added millions of Kroger shares to his holding company’s investment portfolio. And he has more plans to increase the time limit with Kroger as well.

Warren Buffett increases his ownership & Covid-19 appointment at Kroger 1

Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway Group added 8.5 million shares to its stake during the quarter, bringing its ownership of Kroger shares at 33.5 million. The value of the investment share is approximately $ 1.1 billion. Berkshire Hathaway owns about 4.4% of Kroger’s shares previously according to the reports. All details are available in the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Now, here’s an important announcement which Kroger did, yesterday. The largest grocery company Kroger announced on Wednesday that they still have appointments available for Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Bowling Green COVID-19 vaccination site. People in the current vaccination phase for State 1B can make an appointment by visiting the Kroger website.  All the residents in this area can easily book their covid-19 vaccination appointment thought their website. (we have mentioned links below) Stage 1B includes individuals 70 years of age and over, first responders, school personnel from kindergarten to grade 12, and childcare workers.

Warren Buffett increases his ownership & Covid-19 appointment at Kroger 2

Furthermore, the location is in a former Sears building at Greenwood Mall. There are no fees for individuals and insurance status is not an obstacle to vaccination.

More Updates:

Here’s the official statement, “We want to make sure that we maximize our capacity at this site. It’s a very effective process.” Jeremy Crane, leader of the Kroger Health and Wellness team, said, “Patients can expect to spend no more than 30-45 minutes most of the time getting in and going through the whole experience from registration to Observation. ” You can also make an appointment by calling 866-211-5320 or visit

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