How to Redeem Kroger Fuel Points?

How to Redeem Kroger Fuel Points 1
In the past few years, with the increase of expenses, everything has faced an increase. The fuel prices have risen up as well. However, the gas prices fluctuate almost every day. It has become a necessity in life and everyone is affiliated to it whether directly or indirectly. How to Redeem Kroger Fuel Points 1

Sales, Discounts, Coupons… More Please!

In the present time, budgeting is a common action done before the pay day. You gather all the coupons before heading to do grocery shopping, go on the days when the store has more offers applied on the items. You like a dress and wait for the sale to go live so that you can buy it. Everyone now a days shops smartly through discounts, sales and benefits they get from the work. Kroger Related Posts: One of many benefits that a company offers is of fuel points through which you save money. By this, you save by spending less on more gallons of gas for your vehicle. You can save up to $1000/- annually through your set amount of fuel and gas. Kroger is the leading retail store that offers benefits of fuel and gas to its staff members in addition to other benefit. The fuel point program at Kroger aids you to save on the gas any time you purchase an item or a gift card. Whenever you utilize your shoppers’ card, you gain points. On purchase of a dollar, you receive one fuel point. However, when you spend a dollar on a gift card, you would get double fuel points. How exciting! You can also get points when you shop online. There is no restriction when it comes to the place of shopping, you can avail points by shopping at grocery store, jewelry store, pharmacy or any other. Every time you shop, the points are added to your account immediately. More Kroger Reads: Kroger allows its employees that have the ownership of Kroger Plus card and Reward or Master card to obtain fuel points and discounts on gas. By spending $100 from your Kroger Plus Card, you can get 10 cents off from one gallon of gas. In addition to this, if you use your master card you can get a discount of 5 cents more on one gallon of gas. You can redeem your fuel points as soon as you hit 100 fuel points. During one single use, you can redeem up to 5000 fuel points. The staff or employees can superintend their fuel points through their accounts. In order to redeem the points, simply log in to your account to keep a track of your fuel points. Visit your nearest Fuel Center to redeem the points from a cashier or you can also visit the gas station to redeem your points at Kroger or Shell gas station. For more information, call at your store’s customer service helpline. Happy pumping and happy savings! Related Kroger Posts:


Harris Teeter, a fully owned company of the Kroger Co. employs nearly 30,000 employees at its stores situated in the localities of North Carolina, and Columbia District, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, and Florida. Kroger originally from Cincinnati is No. 4 on the Progressive Grocer’s 2018 Super 50 list of the top retail companies in the United States.

Harris Teeter, the southeastern regional grocer, has unanimously extended the Fuel Points system which is focused on customer loyalty fuel rewards program and has included BP and Amoco gasoline stations.

harris teeter fuel points 1

All the Harris Teeter customers in the 7 states and Washington, D.C. are finally in a position to save some cash on fuel at BP and Amoco stations and also at Harris Teeter Fuel Stations.

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Each 1000 fuel points which you redeem at the Harris Teeter Fuel Station and BP and Amoco stations can save the customer for up to 1 USD per gallon of fuel. Each $100 or more that a customer spends at Harris Teeter while using their VIC card can save 10 cents each gallon on the fuel.

Harris Teeter Fuel Points Work Video

While shopping at Harris Teeter, Fuel Points can also be won in the following order with a registered VIC card:

  • Customers will receive one fuel point per each $1 spent on the qualifying purchase of grocery items.
  • Customers will receive twice the fuel points when purchasing qualifying retailer gift cards worth $25 equivalent to 50 points.
  • For every purchase of a non-federally funded prescription, customers can win 50 fuel points.

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Customers can earn up to $1 off of a gallon of fuel through 100 fuel points. For example, a 200-point in the shopper’s card can get 20 cents off of a gallon, 300 points for 30 cents off, and so forth.

The cost savings in the fuel pump are confined to one transaction for up to 35 gallons of fuel in Harris Teeter Fuel Center and Amoco stations when the customer registers a VIC card alternate ID which Is normally a telephone number On receipt, online, or through the HT mobile app, customers can keep a check on the fuel points account.

How can you redeem fuel points at Harris Teeter?

Step 1:

  • Swipe or insert your VIC card or upload your alternate ID

Step 2:

  • You can then select how you would prefer to use your points. For example, if you have 800 fuel points, you can receive $.80 off per gallon.   Click “1” to utilize all the fuel points.
  • If only a specific portion of your points is to be used, choose Option 2 for changing the number of points. Enter the discounted amount ranging from $.10 to the total amount of fuel points available. For instance, if you have the present rewards is $.10-$.80, and you add in “40”, you will receive a $.40 discount over the fuel.
  • If for a later transaction you need to save the fuel points, choose option 3 so that you proceed without redeeming the fuel points. You will get a regular $.03 per gallon of VIC discount.

Step 3:

  • Add in the payment, hold the nozzle, and choose the gas grade.

How to stack up the savings for fuel points?

A few people try really hard to guarantee that they can get as much gas as could reasonably be expected with each top off as a method of boosting their fuel points. In any case, it’s anything but easier to stack saving at the supermarket:

  • Coupons: This is the conspicuous one. Perceptibly, you can effortlessly lessen your grocery bill by consuming coupons.
  • Credit card: Use the best credit card for procuring points/money back. For instance, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card has been proposing 6% money back at the supermarkets. Correspondingly, the American Express Hilton Honors cards offer 6 points over a dollar. With the Fair Trading Price of Hilton points on .48 cents, I esteem this as around a 3% discount. Noticeably, you can similarly consume a 5X everywhere trick for receiving 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar. With the Fair Trading Price of Ultimate Rewards points at 1.31 cents, I esteem this as jaggedly a 6% refund (after reducing the discount percentage to represent the expenditure of refill cards).
  • Purchase gift vouchers: Since gift voucher purchases come with additional points, it merits discovering gift vouchers that you’re convinced to use at different vendors. For instance, purchase Shell gift vouchers to augment your credit card and fuel points formerly heading for the fuel station. An added advantage is that a few service stations which confine you for paying in real money will give those discount limits for paying with a gift voucher! Note that at times you should pay inside to get the discount.
  • Gift voucher promotions: Often supermarkets will run promotions in which gift vouchers can earn the fuel points four times instead of two times. For a 15 gallon fill-up, this is almost a 6% discount when purchasing gift vouchers! Then again, they’ll give $5 off over $50 for certain gift vouchers. That may not seem like a lot, however, it’s a 10% discount! Stack up the gift vouchers (that you’ll really use) during these promotional periods.

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SMITH’S FUEL POINTS 🤑 Smith Fuel Rewards

smiths fuel points and rewards program

What is the value of a fuel point?

Quite a few of the supermarket stores have loyalty programs where you can collect and store “fuel points.” Fuel points can be used to get a special discount while filling up the car’s fuel tank. For example, Kroger rewards its customers as follows:

  • Grocery Purchase: 1 fuel point each dollar
  • Pharmacy Prescriptions: 50 fuel points
  • Gift Cards: 2 points of fuel per dollar

Kroger fuel stations or the Shell fuel station, which is an affiliate with Kroger, are offering 10 cents off of each gallon over every 100 fuel points. This is an amazing opportunity to save a little cash on the fuel station.

Calculation of the fuel point value

It is complicated for people to comprehend the worth of a fuel point because the savings are equivalent to the number of gallons you need to fill the fuel tank. The points are profitable more when you’re using them for significantly bigger fill-ups. For instance, if you want to redeem 100 points for a 10 gallon fill-up, you can end up saving a sum of $1 (10 gallons x 10 cents per gallon = $1). That being said, if you want to pump in 20 gallons to your car or truck, you’re going to save $2 for the very same 100 points. In the formerly mentioned case, every point would also have a value of 1 cent, but in the latter case, every point will have a value of 2 cents.

Calculation of the total percent of discount on grocery purchases

With the worth of the fuel point now entirely determined, you can calculate the approximate saving that you can earn in your purchases from the Kroger Family supermarket chain. Let’s suppose that your standard average fill-up of fuel is 15 gallons. This implies that each and every fuel point has a value of 1.5 cents. Let’s just go straight to the Kroger’s earnings point:

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Considering 15 gallons of fill-ups:

  • Grocery purchases: 1 fuel point per dollar = 1 x 1.5 = 1.5 percent savings;
  • Pharmacy Prescriptions: 50 fuel points= 50 x 1.5 = 75 cent savings
  • Gift Cards: 2 points each dollar = 2 x 1.5 = 3% savings

If you compare bigger or smaller fuel tank fill-ups, then simply change the abovementioned chart as per the need. For e.g. assume that your average fuel on a daily basis is 20 gallons per fill-up:

Supposed to fill up 20 gallons:

  • Grocery purchases: 1 point each dollar = 1 x 2.0 = 2% savings
  • Prescriptions: 50 points for fuel = 50 x 2.0 = $1 savings
  • Gift cards: 2 points each dollar = 2 x 2,0 = 4% savings

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Smith’s fuel rewards program

The Smith Food and Drugs Stores has updated its loyalty program for fuel to encourage consumers and help them save up to $1 a gallon while they are in need of fuel at any Smith fuel station or Shell stations affiliated with it.

Customers can add their loyalty cards at the Smith’s and then force use the rewards to save money at the fuel station. While redeemed values can vary out of Intermountain West, Shell participating stations always accept the rewards cards of Smith’s throughout the nation.

100 reward points can save you 10 cents per gallon, up to 1 dollar per gallon, and up to 35 gallons.

As an additional reward, a Smith’s regular customer can instantaneously earn 200 bonus points with their Smiths reward card over a single transaction from Wednesday to April 19, which can then be credited as 20 cents a gallon in their fuel savings.

Starting from Wednesday, points in the reward card can be redeemed. No specific purchase has been mandated by the company for the saving of fuel points, unlike in the former Smith fuel program.

If you use a Smith’s rewards card, each dollar you spend gets you one point, and through prescription purchasing, you can receive an additional 50 points. If the reward points are not being used to save money over fuel, it can be converted to a customized reward check, sent off to the Smith customers per quarter along with discount coupons.

Initial Fresh Values Cards are not accepted in the fuel programs and must be upgraded to a new reward card to earn fuel points and benefits. If shoppers do not have their Smiths reward card at the fuel station, their telephone numbers can be entered into the pump register.

In 7 western nationsSmiths runs 71 fuel stations, which include 37 in Utah. Shell runs 27 fuel stations in the state of Utah and has a Western network of 6,100 fuel stations.

Consumers can verify their cumulative points of rewards by entering their card number on the Rewards page at

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RALHPS FUEL POINTS 🤑 Ralhps Fuel Rewards Program

ralphs fuel points program and fuel points rewards

Ralphs, an affiliate branch of the Kroger family of companies, is comparatively a common store distributed throughout the Greater Los Angeles County. The fuel points program of the Kroger family of stores allows you to save a lot on fuel points every time you go shopping there! You will earn 1 fuel point per $1 that you are spending when you are shopping and using your Shopper’s Card from Kroger. Also, Gifts Cards can get you to earn 2X points of fuel! In each of the Kroger’s fuel stations, you can quickly redeem the points that you have already earned. You can also gain points from the pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelers, or even if you make an online order for the required items.

With the Ralphs low costs and Ralphs fuel points, the store can be a pleasant place to go shopping for groceries and other items. You can easily find perfect deals and combinations of optimum savings. However, it’s extremely important to know what you are looking for and how to do shopping at Ralphs to make the most out of the money earned with hard work and sweats.

I also had an opportunity of visiting Long Beach and discover much about the latest deals at Ralphs known as “Ralphs low prices“.  I felt the need to share with you the details which they gave to us, and then I’d absolutely adore your points of view about the new ralphs reward program, and if you think you would be going to shop at the store in your future.

The Ralphs fuel rewards could only be redeemed through using your Ralphs rewards card at a shell fuel station. It’s very convenient to swipe the card and pump fuel in the car, but I’ll give you more insights and information about the program down below.

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How can you earn fuel points?

  • Groceries: Get 1 fuel point per dollar spent on the foodstuffs. Go to the store and lookup for special bonus fuel points promotions and offers to win more points! For certain states, where appropriate, alcohol, fluid milk and dairy goods are exempted. Fuel Points are excluded over the shopping of cigarettes, money orders, postage stamps, product deposits, promotional cards, taxes, and charges. The purchases of goods and fuel at the Kroger Company Family of Stores Fuel Centers’ do not get any fuel Points.
  • Prescriptions: You can earn 50 Fuel points over non-federally funded Prescriptions and 1 fuel point per dollar over the purchase of federally funded prescriptions. Also over the 90 days prescription, you can earn 150 fuel points.
  • Gift Cards: Win 2 Fuel Points on most of the gift cards per $1. Kroger Family of Stores Gift Cards, prepaid reloadable products from Green Dot, MoneyPaks, American Express Variable Load Gift Cards, Visa Variable Load Gift Cards, and MasterCard Variable Load Gift cards are not included in the fuel points program.

How does the Ralphs Fuel Program operate?

  • The fuel reward program for Ralphs is convenient and easy to use. It is extremely fast to earn and redeem your rewards through the Shell Fuel Rewards program.
  • You will get 1 point per dollar during your shopping.
  • You will get $.10 off each gallon at the Shell gas station for every 100 points.
  • Up to 35 gallons of fuel can be received at the pump over one transmission.
  • Buying gift cards can get double points for you. It is a perfect way to earn additional points if you are shopping in different places.
  • Verify the balance of your ralph fuel rewards at the bottom of the paid receipt so that your discount can be traced.
  • you can also sign in to your registered Ralphs account at
  • Simply scan your Ralphs card on your visit to the Shell gas station and you can redeem your fuel discount.
  • Contact the support desk at 866-597-9967 in case of any emergency or trouble.
  • Ralphs low prices are an ideal way to minimize the amount of money you are spending! Multiply your savings by using the Ralphs Fuel Rewards program discount at the fuel station and you’ can also end up getting several wonderful deals! The other tips on fuel saving can also be checked at Ralphs official homepage.

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King Soopers Fuel Points 🤑 King Soopers Fuel Rewards

king soopers fuel points or king soopers fuel rewards

Everyone needs something in their lives extra, right! So, who would not want some extra points when they shop? Now introducing King Scooper’s Fuel Points for your desire to have something extra when you shop. You are wondering how it works? Here it is…

The King Soopers REWARDS World Mastercard® is going to be a ticket for instant savings at the fuel stations. This offer is ideal for those who:

  • Frequently shop at King Soopers or any other company in the Kroger family of brands.
  • Want a rewards credit card that will allow them to earn fuel saving on every single purchase
  • Definitely do not want to pay an annual fee.

king soopers fuel points or king soopers fuel rewards

The Kroger Family of stores introduces a fuel points program that helps you save on fuel every time you shop. It works every time you shop via your shopper’s card. Every $1 spent will let you earn 1 fuel point also; you will earn 2x fuel points on Gift Cards as well. These points can easily be redeemed at our fuel Centers. But, such points are not limited to fuel only, one can even earn points at our Pharmacy, at Fred Meyer Jewelers and also when an order is placed online to have it shipped to you.

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How to earn fuel points?

Fuel points are not limited to store shopping only. These points can be earned any way you shop. Either in-store or online, with pickup, delivery, or else, ship through our website. Also, there is no limit to the number of Fuel Points one can earn each month. So, fuel up your points more so that you can fuel up your vehicle most.

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Worried about the expiration of Fuel Points?

Fuel points last for one month only and are expired the last day of the month after they are earned. Here is the good part; you will never get your fuel points all puzzled up because if Fuel Points are earned in June, they will expire on July 30th. Monthly balances do not combine across months as each month is a separate earning period.

How to keep an eye/ a track over Fuel Points?

You can either see how many fuel points you have earned on your receipt or else you can also check your Fuel Points’ balance on our website and mobile app as well.

How to redeem the Fuel Points?

The Fuel Points can be redeemed at The Kroger Family of Stores Fuel Centers and participating Shell Locations. To find the redemption locations near you. Click Here.

Wondering about the limit to redeem?

At Kroger Family of Stores Fuel Centers, you can redeem up to 1,000 Fuel Points for $1 off per gallon.

How to redeem the Fuel Points at the pump?

  • It is not rocket science to redeem the Fuel Points. It has two easy steps.
  • Scan your Shoppers Card or enter your alt-id.
  • Follow the pump prompt instruction.
  • Here you go. You have successfully redeemed your Fuel Points by now.

Want to know which month’s balance the Fuel Points were deducted from?

As our priority is to provide you with the best possible discounts. The Fuel Points are deducted from the highest month’s balance.

Planning to go on a road trip?

Guess what! Your Fuel Points will travel with you across our family of brands. The fuel points are to be redeemed at any of our participating redemption locations. If you are still concerned about the distance since you have traveled far away from home.  Click here to find the participating redemption location near you.

Rules for Fuel Redemption

The purchases of eligible items made with the Shoppers or Loyalty Card from The Kroger Co. Family of Stores are declared acceptable for points. $0.10 per gallon is the maximum discount at stations located in Louisiana but not valid in the state Missouri where prohibited by Law. Also excludes fuel purchases, gift cards/ certificates, lottery, mall-order services, postage, money orders, stamps, product deposit (where applicable), service fees (including pickup and delivery, tax, promotional tickets, and Alcohol, fluid milk, milk, and tobacco. Some Pharmacy exclusions are also applied. This program can be modified and/or discontinued at any time without notice.

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