Kroger Clicklist – Kroger Ways To Shop (Pickup) Faqs

Kroger Clicklist How It Works?

How Kroger Clicklist Works?

We offer you different ways for online grocery shopping. You can order your grocery from your home by visiting our website or mobile application and choose the option that suits you best that is pick up, home delivery and ship.

What is Kroger Pickup and how it works?

Pick up is our online service. You can simply buy the products of your need online and pick your order from our store. Our co partner available in store will bring your products out and will also load them in your car.

Way to Reserve Time Slot & Shop for Kroger Pick Up?

You can reserve your time slot by signing in to your account on our website. We have the option of auto selected method for your grocery shopping. If the auto selection is not pick up and the store you want to shop then enter the zip code where you want to receive your groceries. Now change select store of your choice next to the pickup method.  Select the store of your choice for pick up your order and start your shopping.

When you are done and ready to check out, just go to your cart. You will be asked to schedule your pickup order and select time-slot when you are in check up flow.

How to Pay for My Order?

When you proceed to check out in your cart, you need to add your bank information here. We do not accept any cash, cheque, or gift cards right now we are only accepting debit or credit cards. SNAP and EBT are now accepted in all pickup locations. In checkout, you will see the estimated total of your shopping. This estimated total will be used by your bank as hold on your account for approximately 3 to 7 working days. The total can be changed due to taxes ( if applicable) coupons, or if your order contains any weighted item. You need to bring the online payment form that you used online to receive your order and as well as a backup credit or debit card. And if your order contains alcohol you will also need to have your CNIC with you.

Can I use Government Benefits like SNAP and EBT?

We are accepting SNAP and EBT at all pickup location now. When you are about to place your order then checks payment option and choose SNAP or EBT at pickup. And when you are at your desire store just swipe your EBT or SNAP card and complete your order. We are not accepting WIC right now

Can I use my SNAP or EBT to pay my pickup order at Walgreens?

No, you cannot use SNAP EBT for pickup at Walgreens.

How long do I have to pick my order? And what happens if I miss the time slot?

The time for pick up is an hour window in which you need to pick your groceries. The time slot for pick up is from 7.00 am to and seven days a week .  In case you miss your time slot due to any reason on the scheduled date and time , you will need to place order once again  as the items will be restocked in the store.

After I place my order, where do I have to go to pick it up when it is ready?

You need to reach at the pickup area by following the signs when you arrived at the store. Make a call on the number mentioned on the sign and let our associate know that you are at the pick up location or turn on your location if you are using our app our associate will be notified when you arrived at the store pick up location automatically. A concern or available assistant will be there to bring your order out and load in your car.

How far in advance can I scheduled a pick up time?

You can scheduled a time slot for pick up to seven days in advance.

Can anyone else get my  pick up order on my behalf?

Yes, any one can get your pickup order on your behalf, they just need CNIC if there is an item in your order that is age-restricted.

Are there fees for using pickup?

In this time the service fee for pick up is waived off so you can get groceries easily that you need.

Are tips accepted at Pick up?

The gesture is accepted but our associate available at the duty will not accept the tips.

How do I know I received everything ordered?

The assistant officer available at the pick up point is responsible to check your order carefully. But I you have any query about your order when you unpacked just make a call on our UAN 1-800-576-4377 from Monday to Friday from 8am to 12am (midnight) and for Saturday and Sunday the customer service is available from 8a.m to 9.30 p.m EST.

Can I order prescription to my pickup order?

Right now the option is not available while we are working on it and you can add prescription in future.

Why my store does not offer Pick Up?

Our customer satisfaction is always our priority. Pick Up services is not available at all our stores unfortunately at this time.But are working on this and will inform our clients if and when any new location is available.

How do I know my personal information is secure?

Our customer privacy is always our priority. We make sure to secure the personal information of our customer that include their names, addresses, telephone numbers, email address and debit or credit cards and bank details. Its not our policy to sell trade or rent personal information of our customers to any other company or marketing firm.

Kroger Pickup Products & Pricing

Do you accept coupons for Pick up?

Yes, we do accept digital coupons. You can enjoy discounts by adding coupons to your shoppers’ card that may make the pickup experience quick.

Moreover, for pick up orders we accept only paper coupons are applicable. You need to provide the coupon at the pick up  that may increase your pick up time

What kind of product can I buy through  Pick Up Service?

You can order more than 70k items across our store. Likewise we are still adding more items so you can enjoy our pick up order service.

What if an item I want is not available online?

We are expanding our online products but If you cannot find an item online you can shop in our store.

How are weighted items chosen?

If you order meat seafood or deli our associate will carefully choose the item that you order and that closely matches your need and will count the weight. At times if you have any instructions feel free to note when you go for checkout.

I like to pick up my own produce, meat and seafood. How do I know you will pick fresh available items?

We do not compromise on quality as it is our top most priority . More our assistant will also assured to deliver fresh produce, meat and seafood items and deal with great care. Feel free to provide or leave any instructions as we follow right away to make our services best as per your need.

How do products stay fresh until my order is ready for pick up?

Products like meat or seafood is selected by our associated just before the scheduled time for your pickup. Your ordered items will be stored even in refrigerator if required to keep the product fresh.

Why are the prices vary from estimated verses actual?

The prices may change the day you place your order and the time you pick up your order. The actual price is written on the receipt. If you have any concerns regarding price change just bring it to the notice of the associate.

Why there is an authorization hold on debit or credit card after I place an  order?

Your financial institution always puts an authorization hold on your card to confirm the validity of the card when you place your order. The authorization hold will be released with in 3 to 7 days . If you have any query contact your bank for further assistance in this regard.

Kroger Item Issues or Refunds

What if an item I order  is unavailable in store?

We tried to keep all the products in our stock. It may happen occasionally that item you select becomes unavailable. Our pick up associates are trained in a very well way to make a satisfactory substitution of the unavailable or out of the stock product as close as possible to your ordered request.
Moreover, when you place an online order you are indicated to allow for substitution. If this replacement is important we follow certain steps to fill your order in the best way. The steps are:
Your order will be upgraded if out of a stock item is available in a larger quantity.
If the item is not available in larger quantity but the same brand and items available in different packaging can be substituted ( for example bagged sugar instead of boxed sugar).
If the same type of item is available in another brand may be substituted instead of the same brand that is out of stock.
Any item (dietary) that is sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free can be substituted within item which have same requirements.

What if  I do not like the substitutes given to me?

If you are not satisfied with the  substitutes while you return back to your home , you are always welcome to return the substituted item to store any time for full refund. More likely at the pick up location our pickup assistants are available to review the substitutions they made and if you are not satisfied with their choice you can easily refuse the items before you complete your order and loaded in your car.

Changing or Canceling Order

How do I cancel an existing order?

If you want to cancel your order, kindly sign in and select “My Purchases”. You can select the order you want to cancel and choose “cancel”.
You can call at our UAN for customer service at 1-800-576-4377 if you face any trouble in canceling your order. You can call from Monday to Friday from 8am to 12am (midnight) and for Saturday and Sunday, the customer service is available from 8a.m to 9.30 p.m EST.

Can I change my time slot or location for pending order?

You cannot change your time slot or pick up location for pending order.

How can I modify a pending order for next-day pickup?

If you want to add or edit any item for your next day pick up an order you can make changes till midnight of the day before your scheduled pickup. Just go to “My Purchases” if you want to make changes in your order. You will receive an email regarding the order status update after you make changes in a few minutes.

How can I modify a pending order for same day pickup?

You cannot make any changes once your order for same day pickup service. In case you left an item or need any changes you have an option to cancel your order and place again at time you may lose the selected time slot.

Where I can find my purchase history?

Just login to your account and click the option “My Purchase” and check your order history.