Kroger made this breaking news public on 8th October 2020. They not only broke the internet by saying that they are partnering with ClusterTruck but also they told that they would be launching on-premises kitchen for delivery services to their customers in stores at Metro Indianapolis, IN, and Metro Columbus, OH meaning a whole set of competition set for Kroger’s rivals. (Talk about setting the standards high.) Well, I know you would be having a lot of questions like what is ClusterTruck? How is this a new competition? What service would they provide? Allow me to explain. Starting from the very first question:

What is ClusterTruck?

It is a delivery-only restaurant that provides its customers with the best of its best service. Across the world, food is said to be a source of travel because it takes us to places we can’t be or let us be real where we’ll NEVER be! ClusterTruck provides a vast number of meals inspired by street foods from different parts of the world.

How will their partnership works?

“Kroger remains focused on providing our customers with fresh food and experiences enabled by industry-leading insights”

Over time, people changed the way they did their business. Now they have changed all their business tactics and strategies. At the start of times, people used to hire other places under the same name as their first business and have it worked by the number of people to provide customer services. But now they invest in the same area where they have built their first business and run both the business jointly. The same is the case with Kroger and ClusterTruck’s partnership. They have raised their bars so high. Now in the respective stores in Metro Indianapolis and Columbus, there would be a kitchen where Kroger customers can enjoy 80 different meals inspired from food street from around the world. The area that they would be contributing to this partnership is 1000 square feet each where ClusterTruck’s staff would prepare meals for customers for quick delivery and in-store pickup.

Raising the bar with their partnership

By this time, I am really not surprised by the signs of progress that Kroger is making in its investments. And all of the investments that they have made, have had some kind of positive effect. This partnership would not only create hurdles for their competitors but also their competitors have to have a better idea for their businesses to cross an idea THIS BIG AND THIS BETTER. They have increased their food and beverage revenue and it is CRAZY! This partnership will not only give Kroger customers the best of taste but also it will increase the revenue for their respective stores as well. Along with their revenue, they have increased their customers’ expectations as well. Taking customers to a world tour through the taste that they would put in their mouth is not something everyone is capable of but Kroger and ClusterTruck gives their best. According to the sources, their first on-premises kitchen is open in Fisher and the other will open later this year in Dublin.

In my opinion, all the partnerships that Kroger has made over its 137 years of exquisite work, they have all been very beneficial for their business income and revenue ALSO they haven’t lost the sight of what best for their customers and providing them the best customer service as well. And if you ask me, this, THIS is what makes a business AN EMPIRE! When you look after people around you while you are looking for yourself too, this is when you know, you can RUN AN EMPIRE EASILY! This is what makes Kroger an empire rather than just a chain of grocery stores.

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I know, I know, you have a lot of questions. What foundation? What change? Who built the foundation? Allow me.

Introduction to Kroger

Kroger is the 5th largest retail company in the world that has maintained its rank throughout the years. Along with its rank, it has maintained the services, the quality of their products while keeping in mind their employees and looking after their environment. It is a 137 year old company that came into being in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. But it spread in the world due to its exquisite flavor and amazing service. And yet it still somehow tops the chart.

Introduction to the foundation

You might be curious about the foundation. Well, let me start with its name. The name of this foundation is Zero Hunger/Zero Waste. Now, the history of this foundation. Well, it was born almost 3 years ago in September 2017 when Kroger announced its launch. It had a big and bold social impact plan. It was actually made to eradicate waste by the year 2025. Now you might be thinking how can a 3 year old plan change the world now? My guess is a Pandemic. Earlier in 2020, the world was introduced to a deadly disease names as Covid-19 or Corona virus, which took the lives of many people around the world, shaking the world to its core. The businesses were shut down, IN SHORT, the whole world was on lockdown. This pandemic made people re-think about the sources they had. They had a limited amount of money and with limited money comes the hard job of filling the stomachs. They had to be observant over the fact that what they were eating and how much were they wasting.

Kroger stood up for help. Even though it is a huge empire, it still can’t help provide resources to the whole world especially under this big of a crisis but it provided resources to its employees to cut waste and enjoy simpler meals at home.

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Foundation’s help to Kroger’s customers and stores

They can now recycle plastic bags or other useless stuff at Kroger stores to produce some useful stuff. They also have made initiatives and help to provide their customers if they want any ideas on how to recycle at home.

Kroger’s suppliers and subsidiaries have also joined the foundation. Which in my opinion would make a big impact on the world as well since Kroger has joined hands with such big companies and empires like Ralphs and Food 4 Less along with many more.

Its only unity and hard work that we will achieve success on bigger scales especially when the world is under crises. In my opinion, the foundation is such a big start for helping people and I really hope that other companies learn from this too, and then TOGETHER makes this world a better place to live so that Corona virus or any other disease or issue would never shake Earth’s core.

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What is Kroger?

Kroger is the 5th largest retail company in the world. It was founded 137 years ago in 1883. Needless to say, it serves the best of its products, delivery, and service to its customers keeping in mind the benefits and wellbeing of their employees as well.

It has more than 2500 stores around the world and is known to have the best service no matter what Kroger store you go to. ITS JUST PERFECTION!

Having 2500 stores and more, there is a lot of responsibility and with that comes pressure. But Kroger is a family and you know how families are. Right? They stick together and can make anything work.

It also has collaborated with a vast amount of larger and bigger companies. It has joined its hands with companies like Ralph’s, Food 4 Less, and Chobani Foods and made its name, even more, firmer in the food industry, industrial industry, or any other industry in the world (you name it!)

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Announcement of SVP of supply chain’s retirement

On September 28th, 2020, the Senior Vice President of the supply chain, Robert Clark announced retirement. It was told that Gabriel Arreaga would join his position.

He rendered services for Kroger for almost 4 decades. Now you must be wondering what happened in his life? What struggles did he make to achieve what he achieved? Who was he? Let me give you a little head start. IT ISN’T EASY! Only with hard work can you achieve big things. In life there is no shortcut, the only shortcut to success is hard work.

Robert Clark started his career as a bagger in the Fry’s division in 1985 (Little did he know that life had big plans for him.) 17 years later, he was named as VP of merchandising in the same division in 2002. He relocated in 2010 to Columbus where he rendered his service as VP of operations. A year later he again relocated to Fred Meyer’s to render his services as VP of merchandising. (Looks like he has the VICE PRESIDENT job under control.)

He and Kroger started their journey together in 2013. They don’t go too way back when he joined the company in 2013 where he became VP of nonperishables and then got promoted to SVP of merchandise in 2016 and got to SVP of the supply chain in 2019. (Phew!)

His successor, Gabriel Arreaga

He will be joining this post from October 1st, 2020. Where he would be responsible for the company’s industry-leading supply chain organization which includes logistics, inventory, and replenishment.

Well, not hard to say that it takes a lot of effort to build a company. It takes effort and it takes trust-worthy people. That is why Kroger and many companies like it have achieved what others have been dying to. They haven’t been able to crack the code of success which is simple. UNITY AND TRUST. All you have to do is treat your team members and employees as a family then all you have to do is GO WITH THE FLOW!

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OCADO is a British online supermarket. It has no chain of stores but it makes its deliveries to its customers directly from its warehouse. Yet it is known to the world as “world’s largest technology in grocery E-commerce.” And it was founded only 20 years ago. CRAZY. RIGHT?


 Kroger is a 137-year-old retail company that has stood firm on its ground and ranked as the 5th largest retail company in the world. It has 2500 and above stores all around the world. You can also call it as a chain of food network in the world. Providing its best to its customers and employees and giving back to the world is all that Kroger is about.


A fulfillment center can be called as a warehouse where orders that are received from customers of a particular company or shop are processed and then they go out for delivery in the area required. A vast amount of companies have fulfillment centers for a better service in both quality and quantity.


The company made an official statement on September 28th, 2020. When they disclosed that they have chosen Romulus, Michigan as the location for their new CFC.

You might be wondering why? Why was this collaboration needed? But like I said Kroger always wants what’s best for its customers. They are building this facility because they want to accelerate their service. They want to provide what the customers want at a higher speed, keeping safety its top priority. And let’s be real, it won’t hurt to have expectations held high with Kroger.

Kroger has decided to invest $95 million in this project and has declared that there would be an opening for 250 more jobs in that area. Which means employment for people of that particular area. Whenever people of a particular area are employed it means that the government that is in charge of that area also flourishes, meaning a stable economy.


Thinking of others is something not everyone is capable of but in Kroger’s case, it is completely opposite. As I said that it won’t hurt if we keep our expectations high for it. It has always done what is best for its employees and customers, people around it generally. If it weren’t for it, it wouldn’t have been able to stand on its grounds.

Not only does it provide employment but also it helps its customers to have a better and faster service. They can have easy access to anything by just staying home.

The Internet has now created such ease for people to communicate, work, help others also it has made it easy for them to help themselves too. Now people don’t have to rely on “traveling” to Kroger stores to have something. Now everything is just a single touch away.

In my opinion, collaborating is always a great opportunity for widening wings. It provides opportunities for multiple companies that are involved. There is no shortcut to success but its easy when done in unity.

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Kroger and Artist Jewel


Kroger, Jewel, and Inclusion have collaborated together to build physical, emotional, and mental health experiences since 2018. This initiative extends the relationship with monthly multimedia events and balanced services.

“We have launched The Wellness Experience to instruct all people to make their life easier,” said Colleen Lindholz, President of Kroger Health, who added that the aim is to offer quick measures and strategies integrating health, fitness, and food with meaningful communication with our consumers. “The website provides Kroger Health additionally with a way to showcase items, programs, and tools that are useful and open to our consumers.”

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What are Inclusion Companies?

Inclusion Companies is an event and consultant that helps to support the corporate growth plans of its consumers through business activities, product transactions, promotions, e-commerce, and digital technology services. The business has a long and well-established association with various domestic retailers with a large background in the retail industry, consumer products, logistics, technology, and media. In the Omni50, Kroger was 8th in the standings of the top 50 immigrant goods and services purchasers throughout the United States. More than two million business owners of women and minorities in Omnikal were chosen by Kroger. “We are committed to offering investment opportunity for companies led by women and minority enterprises within the Kroger region,” said Reuben Shaffer, Chief Diversity Officer of Kroger. “We are extremely pleased with this award because diversity business owners in the United States choose it specifically.

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Kroger’s Statistics

Every day in the lives of 8,5 million consumers and 443,000 workers in 2796 discount grocery stores in a range of local banner labels, the Kroger family of companies shops and business managers in 35 states and the District of Columbia. In addition to 2.253 supermarkets, 787 grocery stores, 324 fine jewelry shops, 1,439 retail fuel shops, and 38 food processing distribution plants in the USA, Kroger, and its subsidiaries are creating ClickList, a customizable app, online shopping and pick-up at the store. Kroger is one of the most charitable American companies to support the over 100 food banks partners, research and recognition in breast cancer, the army, and their families, and over 145,000 voluntary groups like colleges. Kroger is a pioneer in provider innovation, a proud Billion Dollar Roundtable participant.

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Kroger and Jewel

At the world’s first virtual World Mental Health Day conference & concert on October 10, Kroger and Jewel’s spa experience will showcase musicians, industry leaders, and mental health professionals for a day of inspiration, learning, and entertainment. The free live show will shed a lightening bright on consciousness and mental health and exercise to overcome depression and anxiety through personal experiences, videos, and expert interviews.