First, let me give you a head start on what is organic waste? Organic waste is any waste that is biodegradable, meaning any waste that can further break down into different molecules like carbon dioxide, water, methane, or other simpler molecules by other micro-organisms.

It can come from either come from plants or animals or humans even. Sounds like organic waste can be used? Yup, that’s right. And that is exactly what Kroger is doing. By now I guess we have understood that Kroger is not a game planner, it is the game ITSELF!

Ways to produce less waste

One of the ways to produce less waste is to produce waste but rather than letting it go, we re-cycle or re-use it. I guess I say it on the behalf of everybody that WASTE IS BAD. No matter where you look, you can see so many “unsold goods”, “plastic bags”, “garbage”, “papers” and so many other things like this just lying around which could be put to such good use. All these so-called goods that are wasted just because they are “out-dated” or “old-fashioned” which would then are replaced by goods which in the future would be the same, I guess its time WE STOP! One might wonder where does human waste goes? Well, human waste can be used as a fertilizer or in other words be recycled or re-used.

Kroger’s initiative to use human waste

Kroger has always been the first whenever it came to helping its environment. Because let us be real, the environment needs our most help. They announced this earlier week of September that they would turn organic waste into organic electricity to power a corporate a campus in Compton, Calif.


It is easy for humans to make changes around themselves rather than making changes in themselves. So rather than making a change in producing the amount of waste we were producing, we didn’t stop producing it, we just put it to good use. We started making biodegradable and compostable products.

 FEED and Kroger started working together to put all the organic waste to good use. The idea actually was that FEED and Kroger would partner to make their very own anaerobic digester that would be located on Ralph’s campus, one of the very first of them to be introduced in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Here’s how it works nowadays if you want any information

  1. Ralphs packages all the unsold organics into a bin. The store associates fill the bin and place them back on a returned trailer. Then the bins are off-loaded and are bought to the digester.
  2. A pre-processor liquefies the bin, turning all the substance into a smoothie-like texture. (You sure don’t want to drink that.)
  3. The smoothie is then fed to the bowels with Ralphs’s creamery.
  4. All the microbial flatulence builds up and bubbles of methane and carbon dioxide pop on the top.
  5. The gas from that is then collected and compressed.
  6. Then they are pushed through energy turbines.
  7. That energy is then put back into the grid.

It is really crazy how science works but it has always been helpful for human beings. Let us just hope that people realize the importance of waste, if not then they stop producing waste at such large rates BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Kroger has made such progress with this waste and I hope other companies start thinking big too.

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What is Kroger?

Reading the title, you might be wondering, what is Kroger? What is its private label? How can it take us places? Right? Well, let me first answer you the simplest question.

Starting from what is Kroger? Kroger is ranked as the world’s 5th best retailer company which by the way turns out to be 137 years old. Crazy. Right? One might wonder that over time it is hard for a company to maintain its standards but one might be wrong when it comes to Kroger. It has stood firm throughout the years no matter what you throw at it and have maintained its rank at the top ALL THE TIME! It provides products and services that are just THE BEST.

What is Kroger’s private label?

The simplest answer to this question would be HemisFares. A detailed answer would be that Hemisfares is actually a branch that was launched by Kroger that provides customers with the Italian taste. It launched 27 new products and is still thinking of launching other countries’ tastes and more products.

The idea of launching a private label for unique tastes was actually given by Gil Phipps, the vice president of Kroger’s Corporate Brands.

When we talk about foods, in my opinion, we talk about ethnicities, traditions, and cultures because to me food is a source of travel for the taste buds and when they travel, we travel along with them. Not everyone has the means to travel and then learn about a culture of that place but Kroger has bought us the beauty of Italy through HemisFares and if you ask me that is FASCINATING. Kroger never fails to surprise us. Customers can also expect for more flavors from around the world in the next year from regions including Spain and Japan.

When you look at any product that HemisFares has to offer, you can tell by its packaging the story of how it came to be. It also has a “find number” which helps the customers to look into more products like this that they would absolutely love.

The whole idea of HemisFares is to allow our customers to take a journey of food experience around the globe without having to leave home.” CFO Mike Schlotman said on a conference call while addressing people about the launching of HemisFares on September 11th.

Kroger has never failed us and given us the best of the best of his products. It has given us both quantity and quality. It provides people products at a much cheaper rate and better quality whereas other brands provide that with much lesser quality and much higher price.

If we look around ourselves, the food industry has grown so much and the reason it has grown is that the taste of the population evolved with time. They wanted more when the got some. The curiosity of what might this taste and what might that taste led them to this world of food. A world where you can make food out of anything and everything. And Kroger is always trying to feed its customers the best, providing us a great service and even greater products. For these reasons, in my opinion, Kroger has always remained on the top. You can’t cross them especially when it comes to products. They are UTTER PERFECTION.

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What is Kroger?

Kroger is a 137 year old retail company that has given its best to not only its customers but also to its employees as well. Its 5th largest retail company in the world and it has kept its rank constant for years.

Food is essential for any living thing. Time by time humans started inventing new recipes because, with time, the human taste began to change. In my opinion, food is a source of travel for our taste buds.

We can easily know the cultures and traditions of any area, country, or even a continent just by tasting the flavors of their foods. We don’t have to physically travel and to me, it is such an amazing thing because not everyone has the means to travel but food takes us there. And needless to say, cheese has to be one of the top favorites for every human being.

People from around the world have created their own recipes and tastes for cheese. If (and I guess I speak for everyone) one taste that remained constant as everyone’s favorite, IT IS CHEESE! And nowadays the best that is delivered to us is Murray’s cheese.

Now you might be looking for questions like what is it? How was it discovered? How its made? Well, ALLOW ME!

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What is Murray’s Cheese?

Based in a village Greenwich in New York City, the wholesaler and retailer company took the world by a storm with its exquisite flavor and texture. It was founded 80 years ago in 1940. And now as we speak it has expanded to 350+ branches across the world.

It has the required amount of calories and vitamins essential for the human body and keeps itself out of any food controversies one might think of.

You can also have online access to any information or any detail about Murray’s Cheese at

Kroger and Murray’s Cheese relationship

When we talk about companies, especially companies that are well known around this world, we think that THAT WON’T WORK. Why? Because wherever the big names are the controversies follow. Everybody tries to tear down each other’s names and build up their own. But when you talk about Kroger and Murray’s Cheese, they work well. Indeed they have marked their names in the food industry.

With the exquisite taste that Murray’s deliver us and the best delivery of work that Kroger delivers us, it is the best combo anybody can ask for. No matter what area or what country you go, whenever you visit a Kroger store you will always see pops of red and yellow color. You guessed it RIGHT! Its Murray’s Cheese. Whenever there is Murray’s cheese, that Kroger store seems to do better. They have a direct relationship with each other which allows customers to have both service and taste. The Kroger employees are also very enthusiastic over Murray’s cheese. Its a weird yet a sensible match. If you notice Murray’s Cheese is a small shop that has a big reputation and Kroger is a big grocery store that has a customer service reputation of a small store. They BLEND IN JUST WELL. And in my opinion, THAT’S MAGIC!

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“Recycling biodegradable waste for a greater good”

What is biodegradable waste?

You must be wondering, what is biodegradable waste? Well, it is a waste but the one that can be used for greater benefits. It is any organic waste that can be broken down into the water, carbon dioxide, or methane with the help of other living organisms or micro-organisms.

Humans? They are a complicated species. It has always been harder for a human to change his personality, the way he lives, or his thinking. So rather than bringing a change in himself, he bought a change in things around him for a better living. WEIRD YET FASCINATING. Isn’t it?

But as we all know, humans make mistakes. And some of his mistakes involve the side effects that he fails to notice caused by the great inventions that he makes. You would be wondering what possible wrong can such great goods cause? Right? But you’re wrong. Over time humans have caused environmental problems, global warming, pollution, and many more problems that we FAIL TO NOTICE.

We cause effects on the ozone layer by the effective gas that evaporates into the air that comes from our automobiles or machines, continuous cut down of forests for the beds or sofas or houses that we build have caused so much damage to our environment and also we do not hesitate to produce waste as well. WASTE? In other words, you can also call it as “Fashion that has been out-dated”, “Food that fails to impress humans”, “unsold goods” or “food that is declared unhealthy.”

There are always two ways to look at a thing. We CAN and I repeat WE CAN put all this waste for a good cause. Science allowed humans to look at the positive side of the matter. And some people or companies have succeeded in doing such acts of kindness. And let me tell you, Kroger is one of them.

Kroger’s initiative for a better environment:

Looks like we are off to a better future with Kroger. FEED and Kroger partnered together to overlook at all the waste that was being produced at their stores and they tried to put it to good use. And let me tell you, THEY DID!

Kroger is using all the organic waste that is being produced by its stores to help corporate a campus in Compton, Calif.

Just how a man is nothing without support, a company, and especially a company as big as Kroger would also require a lot of help. So along with it, its subsidiaries are also up for the challenge to make the world A BETTER PLACE. Some of the subsidiaries include Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Amy’s, and Chobani.

Being the 5th largest retail company in the world, one might think that the company would not maintain its rank constantly for years. Well, one might think wrong, because no matter what you throw at Kroger’s they never ever fail to disappoint you. And in my opinion, its because it not only thinks about the benefits of sales but also looks out for its customer and employees and also for the environment. It is one of the first companies that have taken such a big initiative towards helping the environment. It has helped in eradicating waste, global warming, pollution, and a lot of other environmental issues. It now uses renewable energy, which a lot of others FAIL to incorporate in their projects.

What is the environment?

In my opinion, it is the reason why we are here. It provides us food and shelter. It saves us from so many things yet we never fail to disappoint the environment.

I hope people learn from Kroger and start to make the world a little better for humans even if they start doing it little by little every day.

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7 Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Every day approximately 50 million plastic bottles are thrown out. These plastic bottles are harmful to our environment as well as for our health because these bottles are non-biodegradable. We can save our environment by using these 10 creative recycling ways which will help to save our environment.

For snack storage

The simplest way to recycle any plastic bottle is to use it as a snack container. You simply have to store a thing in any type of plastic container. Everyone can easily repeat this process and play a role in saving our environment.

Plastic bottles planter

You can use bottles as a planter. It will give you fresh oxygen and a sense of pleasure and relaxing and helps to reduce the environmental pollution. First, you have to fill the bottles with soil or water (work for some seeds only) then add seeds in the bottle. Secondly, you have to water it regularly. By following these two steps we can use plastic bottles as a planter

Watering can

Another amazing thing we can do with plastic bottles is to use them as a watering can. Simply punch some holes in the bottle cap. Fill the bottles with water and use them as a watering can. This DIY will help you save your money.


It is a fun activity for children. All children wished to have their own piggy bank. It can be made by using plastic bottles. Paint the bottles with colorful characters. Punch a hole at the side of the bottles. And your piggy bank is ready to use.

Charging dock

A plastic lotion bottle can be used as a charging dock. Cut the bottle in half. Punch a hole to hang it with a nail. Paint the bottle with amazing colors. Hang it on the wall. And your charging dock is ready. This DIY will help you by saving your money as well as your environment.


The most useful thing which you can make with these bottles are lamps. Simply punch a hole at the top and bottom of the bottle (to pass the wire). Add a small light bulb in the bottle. It will work as a lamp because it helps to spreads the light.


The unusable plastic bottles are used for trash cans or dustbins. You can put them in the public areas like streets and parks so people will throw all kind of trash in it

Kroger and plastic bottles

Kroger is always focusing on recycling. When the plastic bags and packaging have been placed in our basket, where is it going? Kroger Stores receives from you this single-use plastic packaging and mixes it with another plastic packaging that is used in the supermarket. In the last three years, more than 180 million pounds of plastics have been used in the Zero Hunger Zero Waste Initiative. It is a lot of covers! It’s a lot of covers! It is real that heroes normally don’t realize that they are heroes. But it also is correct that, by behaving small and frivolous, you will provide a precedent to others and change the universe. You lead to an atmosphere of fewer plastics and less pollution by recycling your plastic bags and packaging. You’re Zero Hero, and Kroger claims that you’re meant to wear a cape! Hence Kroger promotes recycling and is always finding ways to make you recycle.

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