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Latest Kroger Weekly Ad (Valid Sep 30 – Oct 06, 2020) Kroger weekly ads to shop smart at Kroger-A practical guide to couponing at your trusted convenience store

Kroger Weekly AD (Valid Sep 30 – Oct 06, 2020) Early Kroger Ad Preview

Kroger is one of the leading supermarket chains that undermined the identity of a heap of local stores, and at the same time, outcompetes other superior chains like Wal-Mart. What is actually behind the delightful fortune of this company?

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What are those facts that have aid Kroger to prosper? Emphatically, it is Kroger’s loyalty with its customers, the relief they provide to daily visitors, above all those Kroger weekly ads and sales, which enable customers to make an adequate saving over high-quality groceries.

How couponing goes at Kroger?

The protocol set up by Kroger to entertain its customers in providing exciting discounts and making handsome savings is as briefed below:

  • Kroger has a policy of issuing Kroger cards that allow customers to take advantage of weekly sales.
  • To keep buyers posted, the Kroger weekly ads demonstrate a variety of discounts for its customers.
  • The coupon policy varies from region to region throughout the United States.
  • Deals like double points (later used to buy items) on coupons of 50 ¢ or triple points for a coupon on other dollar bills.

In recent times e-coupons have also been introduced with a  vision to save money at your doorstep as Kroger also offers online deliveries for availing these electronic coupons.

It’s better your way.

Kroger’s priority is its customers and their concerns.

Don’t we all feel lazy to step out of our houses to shop for groceries? Whether you’ve witnessed it or not, just think how nice it will be if you are served with all the grocery that too on a single tap from the comfort of your couch?

Feels amazing already? If so, continue reading to make your upcoming grocery haul a complete success.

Give it a shot!

Kroger not only allows you to place an online order for daily groceries but also rescues many bucks for your pocket by their exclusive discounts.

These Kroger discounts can be accessed by Kroger weekly ads, which feature immense amounts of coupons. Furthermore, buyers can also develop strategies in cashing these opportunities Kroger weekly ads provide. The ad sketches a precise picture of how the coupons can be accessed through emails on just a click, which also comes with a facility of immediate delivery at your doorstep. However, to ensure everything goes fine and smooth, you must mention the right address while placing your order.

Fuel points

Now is the time to avail the best bang for your buck!

Another relieve provided by Kroger for its clientele throughout the USA in many states is that various Kroger stores are located adjacent to a gas station, available for a quick curbside pick-up for the buyers.

Also, daily visitors to these specific Kroger stores are notified by the Kroger weekly ads that fuel points are awarded when the buyer’s shopping amount reaches a certain limit.

For instance, customers who make a transaction of 50$ are awarded a 5$ discount on their gasoline. Moreover, Kroger further comforts its customers by allowing them to make the redemption of their discount whenever they feel to.

Besides, these gasoline discounts can be used on designated Kroger stores to purchase gift cards also. To get further details on this, check out Kroger’s weekly ads.

Catalina coupons (Test of your luck!)

At every Kroger store, there is a printer besides the register on the point of sale (POS). The printer prints a slip that has the name of the store or the manufacturer. The process is that the customer first to pick the slip gets a coupon for the discount by the manufacturer on any of its items or a specific amount of discount at a designated Kroger store.

The Catalina coupons are not just a game of luck, but they also test your mental abilities as these coupons. All it calls for is to follow a pattern that can be identified by thoroughly analyzing the results of prior coupons, which is posted every week in the Kroger weekly ads.


Shortly Kroger has also planned to execute a series of mega-events. Before initiating the mega-event, Kroger plans to release a list of products from various associates and some product combinations in Kroger weekly ads.

So the customers who purchase the mentioned products or combos will be able to avail massive saving coupons either by the amount or by quantity.

The coupons earned can be used to avail discounts at all the Kroger stores in the region where the person wins the coupon. Otherwise, there is another option he or she can opt for, which is that the coupons can be used to accumulate great deals for later redemption.

The exotic deals

Have you ever heard about the 10 for $10 deal?

The 10 for 10$ deal is Kroger’s most renowned deal, which is held by the company once in a year at every designated store nationwide.

The ten for ten dollar deals allow you to purchase a variety of everyday items for just a dollar. Now it is at your desertion whether you wish to take a truck or want to carry a shopping bag to your nearest Kroger store to onboard all the stuff you fancy. However, a sophisticated way is to carry a bag for feasible procurement of items as purchasing ten items for just ten dollars is not less than a milestone.

Kroger never lets its customers down. Kroger gives you the chance to share your views or provide suggestions regarding the services which help Kroger to improvise its services for a more confident shopping experience at every turn.

Customers can also forward a reply to Kroger weekly ads to let Kroger know the mindset of the buyers regarding their go-to convenience store.

Kroger Weekly Ad For ( 5/6/20 – 5/12/29 ) View Weekly Ad Here


Are you looking for some flashy sales at Kroger? If yes, then you are in the right place. You can view the Kroger Weekly ad below to know what is on sale. We always post the latest Kroger Weekly ad every week. So make sure to visit more often to see the latest Kroger Weekly ad.

We have compiled the latest Kroger Weekly Ad for you, and with that, we also have the preview of the upcoming Kroger Weekly Ad. Make sure you read all the information and do visit Kroger to get discounts every week.

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As you may have looked at the latest Kroger Weekly Ad. If you are looking for something that should be on sale at Kroger, then keep looking because every week Kroger will surprise you with the best sale they got. Kroger Weekly Ad contains more items than you can imagine. So make sure to check the Kroger Weekly Ad every week at, because we want to enhance your every experience at Kroger.

If you are looking for some free digital coupons to use at Kroger Weekly Ad sale, then don’t forget to get the Kroger Free Friday Download. Because you can not only use it at Kroger but also at its subsidiaries. You can view the list of Kroger Subsidiaries below to see the nearest one you can visit.

Kroger Subsidiaries

You can also find the nearest Kroger from your location to visit and shop.

Kroger Near Me

Make your shopping experience easier and convenient by visiting at Kroger. There, you can save more from their Kroger Weekly Ad. You will get unimaginable discounts and chances to win different prizes too. You can share your experience with Kroger in Krogerfeedback Survey to win Kroger $5000 Gift Card. So click the link to find the Kroger Near me, and visit today to get huge discounts. We post the Kroger Weekly Ad every week, so don’t forget to check it out for the next week.

Kroger Near Me

You can find the latest deals in Kroger Store’s Weekly Ad. You can find many sales on items like groceries, meat, and seafood, cleaning supplies, and beauty. So, view the Kroger Weekly Ads every week here to get the best discounts possible. Browse the preview of Kroger Weekly Ads and share with us about the thing you find most useful in the Kroger Weekly Ad Preview. This week’s sale is just around the corner, you can view the Kroger Weekly Ad for 5/6/20 right here and get your favourite deals for yourself.

Kroger Weekly Ads Preview: Weekly Kroger Ads By Kroger

Kroger company is one of the largest supermarkets present across the United States. The store has a proven track record of providing the quality food, medicines, and various other items that people need in their every day life. The company is committed to provide the quality services and products at affordable price.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! To facilitate our customers in the best ways, Kroger’s ad allows you to shop the best food products and other items at best price.

What is Kroger’s Weekly Ad?

To fulfil our commitment of providing the best to our valuable customers, we are offering Kroger’s Weekly Ad. For this, we have handpicked the different products from our store.

Our aim is to see a smile on our customer’s face when they are going to leave the store. Our customers get the full freedom to change the store location and get the destination where they want their products to be delivered.

Our customer can view the weekly brochure and can pick their favorites at the best price. The things on the Kroger sale ad changes on weekly basis and the timing in which a customer can buy those things are clearly mentioned.

All Categories in Weekly Ads

For this week, the products that are part of our weekly ad are as follows.

Note: You can buy the below things starting from 15 April to 22 April, 2020.

Furthermore, customer can even change the location to know about the date for the offer.

Our customer can get Kroger ad preview in form of brochure or product wise in form of table on the website according to their own convenience.

Now, let’s have a look at all the categories and the products included in Kroger ad this week. The price (Ea with card) and quantity of the product are also mentioned


Want to eat the juicy and organic strawberries in morning or afternoon? Well, you can enjoy it now. Get the fresh 2lb strawberries for $2.99.

Fresh Corn

Love to eat fresh corn or want to add them in your healthy salad bowl? You can do it anything you want! Buy the 4 ct package at $2.99.

Hass Medium Avocados or Large Mangos

Avocados are very healthy and when combined with the large mangoes, the taste become unforgettable. Enjoy it at $0.99 before it’s too late.

Jumbo Blueberries

Who don’t like blueberries? There will be hardly a person who don’t like them. Grab the 9.8 oz Jumbo Blueberries at $4.99.

Magnificent Melon

Increase your water intake by eating a tasty slice of our farm fresh magnificent melon. You can get 2 melon for $3.

Red or Black Seedless Grapes

Confused between the selection of red or black seedless grapes? Why not buying both from the Kroger weekly ad specials list. The price is $1.99 lb.

Red, Orange and Yellow Bell Peppers or English Cucumber

Want the best ingredients for your salad and want to eat healthy at the same time? We got you covered! Get the above-mentioned items at $0.99.

Simple Truth Organic Salad Blends

To fill your stomach with healthy stuff, salad is the right option that you can choose without any doubt. Get pack of two for $6.00. Customers can select the varieties, 5oz.

Whole Seedless Watermelon

Eating a juicy and sweet watermelon will refresh your body. It is a good way to stay hydrated and healthy. Get whole watermelon for $5.99.

Meat and Seafood

Atlantic Salmon Fillet

Don’t know what to eat in your dinner? Well, here is a good option that you can try in your dinner tonight! Get this for $7.99 to eat fresh and healthy. This product is farm-raised so it has all the essential nutrients and vitamins.

Boneless English Roast

Want to eat beef today? Well, you can enjoy the Boneless English Roast (Beef Shoulder) at a price of $4.99 lb in Kroger ad for this week.

Fresh Heritage Farm Boneless Chicken Breast

Want to tantalize your taste buds with the juicy and fresh boneless chicken breast for your meal? Get it now at $1.99 lb.

Hebrew National Franks

The Hebrew National Franks can be yours for just $3.99. You can select the different quantity, 9.43 -10.3 oz.

King Cotton Bacon

Like to eat bacon on your sandwich? You can get the 40 oz pack of the smoked bacon for only $7.99.

Laura’s 92 Lean Ground Beef

Are you a beef lover? If your answer is yes, then this deal is right for you! Get the 16 oz 92% lean ground beef at $5.99.

Pork Picnic

Get the Bone-In pork meat at $0.89 lb. to enjoy it in one of your meal.

T-Bone Steak

Want a T-bone steak? Get it for $6.99 lb. at Kroger’s Weekly Ad to enjoy it with a glass of wine with your loved one. It’s a value pack.

Dairy and Eggs

Almond Breeze Almondmilk

Almond milk is a must in your grocery list. It will be best for your kids. Get the pack with different quantity like 64 fl oz for $2.99.

Chobani Greek Yogurt

Get this quality yogurt at a price of $0.99. Our customer can get 4-5.3 oz Clif or Luna Bar, 1.59-2.4 oz or Larabar, 1.6-1.8 oz or Horizon Organic or Silk Plant Based Milk, 8 floz.

International Delight Creamers

Love creams? Get this fine quality product for $2.99. You can select different variety, 32 fl oz.

Kroger Milk

Get the best Kroger Milk that contains Vitamin D,2%, 1% Chocolate. You can select the different varieties. Get the 2/$3.00.

Noosa Yogurt

Get this quality yogurt at a price of $1.49. You can select different variety. It is 0.8 oz.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Get different varieties in this cheese. It is an 8 oz bar with a price tag of $1.99.

Garden and Patio

All Home & Patio Merchandise & Outdoor Floral

You can save extra 20% off on the home outdoor furniture on Kroger mega sale ad excluding the apparel, home electronics, health, beauty aids, and live goods. You can select different variety but the stock is limited, so hurry up!

Char-Broil Tabletop Gas Grill

Love to do outdoor parties or want to enjoy barbeque at your back yard? If yes, then get the Char-Broil Tabletop Gas Grill for $31.99.

Dyna-Glo® 4-Burner Gas Grill

Get the 599 sq.ft, porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates with total 48,000 BTU’s for only $1.99.

HD Designs Outdoors® Garden Décor

It’s a perfect time to save 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card on your purchase of HD Designs Outdoors® Garden Décor. You can select different varieties as per your choice.

HD Outdoors® Market Umbrella

The sale price for this product is $48.99. You can save 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card. Grab the offer now!

HD Outdoors® San Jose 3 Seat Swing

You can buy this item for $2.09.99. Get the chance to save 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card. Don’t Miss It!

Kroger Original Charcoal Briquets

Get this charcoal briquets to complete your barbeque work for only $7.49. It is 15.4 lb. Check out other items or products on Kroger weekly ad circular for more updates.



For snack time, we have the perfect thing for you! Get 2/$5.00. You can pick the pack of 9.25-11.25 oz or SunChips; 6-7 oz.

Entenmann’s Little Bites, Donut or Cakes

Buy 1 get 1 for equal or less value free. You can select the different variety 6.88-21 oz or Thomas’s English Muffins, 6 ct.

Frito-Lay Multipack

Everyone has a different taste! Get the Frito-Lay Multipack for $6.99. You can select the different varieties, 18 ct.

Keebler Town House or Club Crackers

Love to eat crackers? You can get select different varieties, 9-13.8 oz or Keebler Cookies, 6.5-15.8 oz for $1.99.

Lay’s Potato Chips

Select different varieties 5-8 oz or Lay’s Kettle Potato Chips, 8 oz; for $2.99.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

You can select different varieties, 5.5-8 oz for $1.79.


Coca-Cola, 7UP, or Pepsi

The final cost will be $10.00 if you buy 4. If the quantity is less than 4, then it will be for $4.99 for each bottle. You can select different varieties that includes AHA Sparkling Water, 8-Pack, 12 fl oz cans.

Florida Orange Juice

Enjoy the tasty orange juice at $3.49. You can select the different varieties 52 fl oz or Chobani Greek Yogurt.

Maxwell House Coffee

For this, you can select the different varieties 24.5-31 oz Can or Gevalia Coffee, 10-12 oz Bag or K-Cups, 6-12 ct.

Monster Energy Drink

Boost your energy with the Monster Energy Drink. Buy 2, Get 1 or Equal or Less Value for Free with card. You can select the different varieties like 15.5 016 fl oz.

Frozen Items

Edy’s Ice Cream

Your mouth will be filled with water after looking at the box of ice-cream. Get it for $2.99. You can select the varieties. Available in 48 fl oz.

Freschetta Pizza

Select different varieties, 20.28-30.88 oz. Get this for only $3.99.

Kroger Deli Pizza

Get 2 per $10.00. You can select the varieties, 35-41 oz.

Kroger Deluxe Churned Party Pail Light Ice Cream

Get gallon or Haagen-Daz Ice Cream 14 fl oz at a price of $3.99.

Kroger Frozen Potatoes

Get the crispy fried frozen potatoes for $1.79. Select varieties, 22.5-32 oz.

Kroger Potato Salad

Enjoy the potato salad for 2 per $3.00. You can get Macaroni Salad or Coleslaw 16 oz.

Lean Cuisine Meals

Get 2 per $5.00. Select the different varieties 6-12 oz or Stouffer’s Entrees, 10-12 oz.

Michelina’s Frozen Entrée

Enjoy the fresh steaks at 10/$10.00. Select the varieties 4.5 -8.5 oz or Banquet Pot Pie, 7 oz.


General Mills Chex Cereals

Want a good cereal for your breakfast? Get the 12-14 oz or Nature Valley Granola Bars, 5-12 ct or Fiber One bars, 5-6 ct for a price of $1.88.

Kellogg’s Family Size Cereal

A perfect family size cereal is waiting for you! Get 3/ $10.00. Select the varieties 19.1-24 oz.


Bakery Glazed Donuts

12 ct Clamshell Pkg for only $2.99. Enjoy the tasty donut for the best price!

Kellogg’s Pop-tarts

Get 5-12 ct or Nabisco Family Size! Cookies, 10.5-20 oz. Get the deal at $2.99.

King’s Hawaiian Rolls

Get 12 ct for 2/$7.00. Enjoy the rolls in your breakfast as per your own choice.

Cleaning Product

Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent

To clean you clothes properly with a fresh smell, get the product for $5.99. Get 46-50 fl oz or Tide pods, 15-20 ct or Downy Liquid Fabric Softener, 46-77 fl oz.


Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat

Get the package 7-9 oz. 2/$6.00 to enjoy healthy meal during your lunch.

Health and Beauty

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color

Color your hair for only $6.99. Select varieties, 1 ct.

Lubriderm Body Lotion

A high-quality body lotion for $5.99. 13.5 -16 fl oz or Neutrogena Acne Cleanser, Body wash or Body Scrub, 4.2 -8.5 fl oz.


Cape Cove Dining Set

Get this dining set at a sale price of $2.99.99. It will be total 5 piece. (SAVE 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings).

Glacier’s Edge Summit Chair

Get this chair to be used when sitting on beach or during outdoor parties for only $7.99.

HD Designs Outdoors® Orchards Stacking Chairs

Get this simple and stylish chair for $19.99 for your everyday use.

HD Designs Outdoors® Wicker Stacking Chairs

Quality chairs for only $39.99. You can get different varieties.


Bunch O Balloons

Get 8 pack at a discounted price of $19.74.

Nerf Super Soaker

SAVE 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card. You can select different varieties.

Summer Toys

On summer toys for your kids SAVE 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card. You can select the different varieties as per your kid’s choice.

Swim Toys

Buy the best swim toys and SAVE 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card. Select different varieties.


Pack Wine Tumblers

Available at a discounted price for $27.99. SAVE 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card.

Brita Pitchers

Get this for a price of $34.99. SAVE 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card.

Char-Griller® Patio Pro

This Char Griller Patio Pro will be your for only $79.99. It has a cooking area of 250 It has cast iron cooking grates.


Want to keep things cold during parties at your home. Ger the cooler in different varieties. SAVE 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card.

Fire and Flavor 15 Inch Cedar Grilling Planks

Get 2 ct to complete your barbeque plans for only $8.99.

HD Designs® Outdoors Poly Pro Dinnerware & Serveware

The sale price for this is $1.04. SAVE 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card.

Kingsford Charcoal Briquets Assorted Flavors

Get the 16 lb. charcoal briquets assorted flavor for only $11.99.

Office School Crafts

Crayola Colored Pencils

The best quality pencil for your kids is for only $2.99. 24 ct or Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk, 16 ct.

Pet Care

Joy of Gardening Hanging Birdbaths

For your pet (birds), SAVE 30% Shelf Tag Reflects Savings with Card on the purchase.

Planning for Shopping This Week- Let’s Go!

Hopefully, you will like all the items and products included in Kroger weekly ad. This is a perfect time to get your favorite things at discounted price. Stay connected with us to know Kroger ad for the next week. You can also visit weekly ad page or website for all the updates.