Walmart and Amazon Online Sales Turn Warehouse Workers into ‘The Mainstay Of Our Economy’

Walmart and Amazon Online Sales Turn Warehouse Workers into 'The Mainstay Of Our Economy'

Now, as we know that festive season is here and the sales are expected to increase 20% this year due to corona you might not be able to enjoy or celebrate like normally, we used to. But with Walmart and Amazon chains you can get anything you want on your doorsteps! We know it sounds super great! But wait the hard work and determination is all due to the workforce.

According to the inside source, each worker they’re at a Walmart Distribution Center begins their first of three bouts of approximately 12 hours duration in what he calls a “COVID Fund” in Shelby, North Carolina. While the worker said that many co-workers fail to follow mask requirements. Social distancing is difficult, especially as groups come together at the beginning and end of transitions. Rumors of COVID cases are rife at the distribution center, with little contact from senior officials when co-workers stop coming to work. With the holiday shopping season approaching in full swing, more and more workers are being employed.

This employee and the 1.2 million others who work in warehouses across America are from the invisible lower class as retailers head to the peak shopping season. Traditional images of holiday shopping are filled with frantic cashiers and rowdy retail workers. But in 2020, the success or failure of the season depends more than ever on warehouse personnel. From April to October, the United States added 146,700 warehouse and warehousing jobs, as people stuck inside switched to online shopping. The end of the year is already a prime time for warehouses when companies are hiring thousands of seasonal workers to make sure gifts arrive in stores and shoppers’ homes before Christmas Day. This holiday season, more workers will be required in warehouses – just as COVID cases increase across the United States.

Amazon and other retailers have employed hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers due to the extra work demand.  Retailers rely on a network of warehouses across America to keep shelves stocked and deliver packages to online shoppers. Amazon has approximately 290 million square feet of warehouse space across the country, according to the CoStar Group.

Walmart and Sam’s Club has an area of ​​approximately 143 million square feet, about 30% of which is used for e-commerce. Third-party logistics companies (3PLs) – mostly with names few Americans know – have an additional 800 million square feet. Now, companies are relay on their workers and it is their hard work to keep the economy running and stable. But considering the current situation, it is quite risky due to increasing cases of Coronavirus and it is scheduling that customers need to relay more e-commerce for safety reasons. Let us know what are your thoughts on it? Comment below!

Are Retail Workers of Walmart, Amazon “Scared” As Cases of CoronaVirus are Rising

Are Retail Workers of Walmart, Amazon "Scared" As Cases of CoronaVirus are Rising

We know that this year has been all about “Deadly CORONAVIRUS”. It has taken down the economy to jobs of millions in the last few months. Now, the second wave of the corona is here, and with all leading stores, places In the United States have announced better health safeties. But few Labor activists say large retailers like Amazon and Walmart should do more to protect workers as coronavirus cases coincide with a rush of holiday shopping.

According to the reports, the workforce at these places is a bit scared as cases are increasing day by day. Also, they are quite satisfied with the store’s health safety measurements.  They are demanding risk pay, paid sick leave, and better communications about the outbreak, among other things. While the campaign comes as workers across the United States speak out about their conditions and concerns about their health.

One of the workers at Walmart said that “Yes, my Colleagues like me are scared,”. Further, the official said that the workers’ rights campaign that began Monday is organized by United for Respect, a non-profit worker rights organization that says it represents more than 16 million people across the United States. Separately, the union, whose members include grocery and meatpacking workers, called on employers to do more to protect employees.

They quoted that “Put simply, frontline workers are terrified that their employers and our elected leaders are not doing enough to protect them and stop the spread of this virus. With the start of holiday shopping this Thanksgiving Day, we are already seeing a massive increase in customer traffic. Unless we take immediate action starting this holiday week, many of the essential workers will fall ill and die tragically.” said Marc Perrone, president of the International FIFA Federation.

Now, the employee at the stores said that the leading stores like Walmart, amazon are making us work on Black Friday this year comes with clear risk. Following the news, another employee said the company has had to send out repeated notifications in recent days about infected employees. Amazon boosted the salaries of frontline employees by $2 (£ 1.50) an hour, but that policy ended in June.

Furthermore, the workers said companies have the means to spend more to protect and compensate workers, pointing to the way profits have risen during the pandemic, which has shifted purchases into necessities and kept many smaller competitors in lockdown. Amazon and Walmart did not respond to requests for comment on Monday, but they have defended their practices in the past. All these leading places are increasing the protocol to make their workers’ safety possible. Now, let’s see how they will tackle the black Friday to Christmas situation with betterment. What are your thoughts on it? Comment below!

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A former Amazon employee is suing a company for allegedly not having Hispanic workers obtaining PPE

A former Amazon employee is suing a company for allegedly not having Hispanic workers obtaining PPE

Seems like Amazon is in trouble again. Previously, their employed filed a case against them for not up to the mark covid-19 protocol. Now, another former employee pressed charges against them. Former Amazon employee Christian Smalls has marched a discernment lawsuit in the Eastern District of New York, alleging that the company failed to provide personal protective equipment to its “mostly minority” workforce and subjected a group of African Americans and Hispanic workers to inferior employment.

Furthermore, the former worker also highlighted that Amazon has always hired and gives high position to white and hire white managers often. Previously, smalls began functioning at the Amazon JFK8 State Island facility in 2015 and were promoted to a mid-level management position the following year, according to the case report. 

Besides, the complaint states that Smalls brought a group of non-white workers to meet with management about working conditions after one of his colleagues tested positive for the Coronavirus, but the management allegedly “pushed back the workers … and did not show concern for the group member, health/welfare”. He noted that after arranging to meet again with a group of white workers, the management appeared “more receptive to the group’s health and safety concerns.”

Additionally, Smalls requested that the administration was ignoring the directive from New York and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to clean and sanitize the facility. Now, the official from amazon has another story their official statement showed that Mr. Smalls received several warnings for violating social distancing guidelines,”. “He was also found to have had close contact with a partner who was diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and was asked to stay home for pay for 14 days. Despite these instructions to stay home for pay, he came to the site to put teams at risk.” This is the reason he quit his job! What are your thoughts on it? Comment below! Is Amazon unfair?

Amazon now hires more than 1 million Individuals

Amazon now hires more than 1 million Individuals

The year of the Coronavirus, with people switching more and more on digital e-commerce websites. Online shopping, the epidemic, along with holidays sales is feeding an audience of millions. To cater to this amazon has led more than 400,000 jobs this year, pushing the number of jobs to more than a million for the first time.

Talking about this newly appointed workforce is mainly in its warehouse, delivery starts – the company continues to deal with crushing orders from shoppers who are reluctant to buy as the second wave of coronavirus has started and the festive season is coming.

The Amazon Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsackey said in a call to reporters after the company announced its financial results Thursday, Amazon added 250,000 jobs in the months through the end of September alone. It reported 100,00 workers in October, and it now has nearly 1.13 million employees worldwide, compared to 750,000 employees a year ago.

Furthermore, that doesn’t show roughly half of the 2.2 million workers that rival Walmart employs. The Home Depot employs about 400,000 workers. Meanwhile, 2014 layoffs are on the rise among other major employers in the United States. ExxonMobil announced plans Thursday to cut 1,900 jobs from its workforce in the United States. Earlier, Disney said it would lay off 28,000 workers and American Airlines cut 19,000 jobs.

In addition, Olsavsky said the company has also increased its fulfillment capacity – the group of warehouses and terminals it uses to collect photos that point to a high – by 50 percent this year. On top of that, the company this year has spent $30 billion in capital spending – the amount that has gone toward projects and other assets – of which a “significant portion” has been channeled into operations, Olsavsky said. However, Amazon faces challenges in delivering packages on time as the workers were tested positive and took triple time to restock.

This quarter, Amazon beat analysts’ expectations, making $6.3 billion, or $12.37 a share. Sales jumped 37% to $ 96.1 billion. Analysts expected Amazon to earn $7.36 a share from sales of $92.6 billion, as measured by S&P Global Market Intelligence. We hope that it will benefit many people who are seeking jobs. Comment below to let us know your thoughts on it!